Price action course

hey, do you recommend Price action course at all?
I saw FOREX SCHOOL ONLINE offers price action course, what do you think about it?
I am not new to forex, i studied a lot and traded a lot in the past but with no success, i want to get back to it but in the right way this time, PRICE ACTION only.

Hello and welcome
I would suggest to read more about price action and practice in demos or in small live accounts. That is the best way to learn. However if you did this before and you want to try something new, you can try to find a mentor or follow a course, or a combination of both. A lot of the information in courses can be found on-line.

There are some good threads on here, take the time to read all the posts to get some understanding

You can do price action course for sure, it is not a bad idea. However that doesn’t mean that price action strategies are right or wrong for you. You will find the answer on that question after you finish the course and use your price action strategy. If it works in a long term than you have achieved the goal.

99.9% of the information online is garbage. a lot of stupid money losing systems, a lot of different interests, non of them is on your side.
I thought for myself, why people are making all of this “price action courses” and all of them are selling it for the same price - 297$. they already making a lot of money in trading. why they are investing money to open website, write articles, building a course and selling it if they already making money?

which threads? all of the system i’ve read so far are garbage.

Thank you for your answer.

You can’t have read much if you haven’t found the good stuff yet. Suggest you read them all before coming out with comments like that

[QUOTE=“babypipsbaby;712800”]hey, do you recommend Price action course at all? I saw FOREX SCHOOL ONLINE offers price action course, what do you think about it? I am not new to forex, i studied a lot and traded a lot in the past but with no success, i want to get back to it but in the right way this time, PRICE ACTION only.[/QUOTE]

There is a lot to learn and there is some great stuff on price action that you can teach yourself but if you respond better to being taught or mentored and you have the money to spend on a course then try it. I have seen the forex school online course and spoken with Jonathan, who, I believe runs it, in the past about forex in general. He seemed like a really nice guy and his videos are good too so why not Try his free videos first and see if that gives good results for you, the free stuff is the basic price action info but it’s all useful. I like his approach to clean charts and only taking A+ setups.

Good luck


Which of them do you recommend please?

Thank you.

You’re welcome babypipsbaby

I personally think the 3 Ducks System and the Amazing Crossover system are worth looking at. I suggest you take some time to study some systems or forex strategies by backtesting, forward testing, or tweaking the parameters to figure out if it’s something that you could work with.

Indeed! I traded 3 ducks for a while and It was good to me. I trade a different system now, but 3 ducks is always there!

As far as trading price action, There is junk out there, just like if you buy the cheap stuff at stores. But there are great courses too, the school here at babypips can help. It teachs you candlestick formations and FIBO uses too, so it will help get your feet wet. Than you can find some free information on price action to pick up where you left off, and start demoing and see how you like it.

Because they either don’t trade at all or they are failed traders. I wouldn’t have any problem paying money to learn from a TRADER (after all, what’s wrong with him diversifying his income sources) but my guess is that the ‘$297’ price action bunch - Fox, Fuller, Capre - are not successful traders (if they still trade).

I see these question a lot of times:

  1. “Why would they share their strategies, if it works? Why don’t they just keep quiet about it, and make money alone?”

There are people, who love to teach, to share value and knowledge. It is a bit of an altruistic thing, but some people are passionate about it. So simple. Also without sharing knowledge, all the humanity would progress much slower. When some people ask this question, for me it is a bit like they are thinking in a low conciousness, and don’t understand what sharing is. It is important to understand the importance and joy of giving value.

  1. “Okay, I get it they like to teach, but then why don’t they just share it for free with everyone?”

There is two things aswell with this question. The first is, that if it would be free, everybody would just half-ass the whole thing. They wouldn’t take it seriously. But if they start to ask only a little amount of money for it, you can be sure about that those, who are paying, will listen to every word and every idea what the teacher says, and tries to take out as much value from it, as they can. And if the teacher would double the price, than there might be fewer student, but then those would try to take out double as much value and would work double as hard.

And the second thing is: how many goddamn value want those people leech? “Hey, you might have found a working strategy, but I don’t care how much time and energy did it cost you, you make enough money already, so you better share it with me for free, a$$hole!” Like WTF?

Yes, there are a lot of scams in trading, and honestly this is the biggest thing I hate about this, because when somebody hears the word “forex”, 9/10 says “oh that is a scam, it is not working, blablabla”. They don’t really know about it, but see these scams everywhere.

There are people who not just teach stuff, but also trading it nowadays, even here in babypips. I’m trading with a group of guys and a mentor, who proves every week for us, that he makes money, we trade with him live, and also teaches us how to do it, so we can trade successfully alone aswell. I won’t advertise anybody, you have to do the search yourself, but these kind of people exist.

There are tons of free information on price action. That’s because “price. . .action” is the result of market movement. Having said that there are all kinds of methods to address price action; from the simple to the complicated. Example of simple is when price moves above the 200 sma on the daily you go long, when it’s below you go short; or when the 20 sma is above the 50 sma you go long when the 50 is above the 30 you go short.

Little more complicated approach to price action. When there are more green candles than red the trend is up (any 2 colors will do) more red trend is down. Take your Fibonacci retracement tool and go from the swing low to the swing high for up and from swing high to swing low for a down trend.

Scarey to look at but easier once you get into it. Volume Spread analysis. Allows you to see where the institutional traders have done. ( I consider anything that’s not retail to be institutional.

Excellent threads here to learn basic price action, take your pick of all the ones that are free to start. In theory the free price action should give you an understanding of the market, and the ones you pay for later are suppose to be the free ones approach to advanced price action and the traders who are using it throuugh a private members forum. The problem is just like in trading nothing or nobody works all of the time no matter who or what you do. That’s why you have money management and mindset along with your method.

There is really only 2 choices; one is learn yourself by going through all the things being thrown at you (at the start it will be one step forward 3 steps back, but over time if you keep at it, it should reverse to 3 forward one back) Or two pay for someones knowledge. Anybody pedaling anything on this or any other site will call themselves former super stars, current profitable traders, institutional or X institutional traders if they didn’t why you spend your money on them.

Back to threads on this site, there some traders here offering a free course a paid course and are very active in their own threads. I hope no one gets offended at my example. I’m not promoting any of them over another but a simple example of what I’m trying to illustrate. Look at the 3 Ducks and Supply/Demand, VSA, Wyckoff with Petefader threads; both have been around for years; both offer free and paid courses; both are active in their threads, but both also have 2 very different approach to analyzing price action. They are not the only two, by any means, I could go on and on with a lot of threads on this site, there are not garbage threads, run away from anyone who tells you that they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. There are different approaches that suit different traders. That’s you main job when you’re new, before you look for a system, take the time to figure out what type of trader or program suits you.
Hope that helps

Same here! I like 3 Ducks for its multiple time frame analysis so I’ve used that same kind of framework even when developing my own strategy. Thanks for recommending our School, too!

Its a great school how can i not? 3 ducks is a great system, My analysis consist of 4h d1 and 1h timeframe mostly.