Price APIs & backtesting strategies not coded on MetaTrader


I was wondering which kind of APIs do you use for your EA, given that they are not coded on MetaTrader.

I first began to use alpha vantage, but prices have a lot of errors, and now I’m, using TwelveData, which is pretty accurate and works pretty well, even with a free plan.

It took me also quite a while to find an API to interact with meta trader programatically, and I found metaapi, which is awesome, that allows me to code in JVM based programming languages, as well as Python.

Now here comes my question, is anybody using this approach to develop EA? If so, what are your tips to backtest a strategy? MT strategy tester is very useful, but I don’t want to code on their platform. Metaapi has paid plans that will allow me to not depend on a third party API to get price data, but as of now I’m not profitable to pay a subscription, though that wouldn’t solve the issue of backtesting.

Any ideas? Would like to hear your opinion.

Best regards

Hi, maybe you can write something about yourself? Regards Greg

Sure. I’m a Spaniard living in Germany, I’m working for an automotive company as an Backend Engineer.

I’ve been following and doing the baby pips course for a while now.

ok back to your questions the MT4 terminal is a great tool for trading and that’s about it.

MT4 lacks a lot of tests that need to be done to see how the strategy performs in different market conditions.

Strategy testing methods vary from experience to experience, and I sincerely doubt that anyone has made available (for free or not) their own research results, on which they have spent several years working. Regards Greg

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I thought strategy testing was what MT offers. Is there more kinds of it? Did not know about that. Will investigate a little.

Thanks a lot!

I don’t know what you mean

You said strategy testing varies depending on experience. I thought strategy testing is an objective and empirical way of testing a EA, based on historical data.

Unfortunately, I have to worry you. The testing process is very complex and depends on the knowledge and experience of the trader. You can be more or less restrictive when evaluating the test, which of course will affect the final result. You also have to decide what types of tests to choose, as not every test will be technically feasible. It is necessary to make a research what works, what doesn’t work, and make conclusions.

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