Price Gapping

Ok… I’m a serious newbie.

I have been trading a demo accnt for a couple of weeks and think I’m starting to get the idea (:confused:)

Having played in the stock market some, I am familure with having a price gap past a stop or a limit and getting beat to death when the order finally executes.

My question is … Can movement in a forex trade gap past a stop and if so what is the consequence?

Forex is like any other market in terms of the consequences of a price gap. Slippage. You just have to deal with it, like you would in stocks.

Fortunately, though, the forex market doesn’t really gap very much. You might see it between Friday’s close in NY and Monday’s open in Asia, but since that’s the only discontinuous period of the week, that’s the only time you’re really at risk of a significant gap. You might see gaps around big data releases, but not as much as in other markets, and the forex market doesn’t get “halted for news pending” or anything like that.