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Hello everyone) I trade using price action solely and i don,t go into the fundamentals etc. The price action works fine with all fx pairs other than yen pairs.As we know all yen pairs move almost the same way and are highly dependent on each other.Let,s say USDJPY can be reversed before reaching it,s resistance area because of the reversal of GBYJPY at his resistance area.Many times my analysis went failed and i lost money and now i am really scared in trading any yen pair even if a very valid set-up is present in front of me.Also i have heard that the central bank of Japan sometimes intervenes itself and don,t go the yen price too high because it affects the exports of Japan and such intervention from Japan is not good for price action traders. So all traders here who deal with yen pairs please tell me if you have experienced any such problems then how do you cope with them?
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that pair is hard for a new trader to trade has deep retrenchments can move adversly to what you might think, good pair for news trading though.

This will not happen all the time and we do not need to win all of our trades!Even best traders loses some of their trades.
Does this help?

Not really) Can you please explain more ? So you are doing fine with the yen pairs using price action?

Hi there… Problem with most yen pairs is that the value of carry trade has significantly fallen, thus making investors risk more for less: a deleveraging of carry is a risk in the future, and ‘overbought’ pairs like Eur/Jpy or Gbp/jpy could come down fast. This, however, requires fundamental shifts - it will not just be a technical move. As for the Usd/Jpy, this is the odd yen pair: although it has broken through the ceiling of a long-term wedge, continuing a long-term bull trend, it is vulnerable to a drop in both a risk-averse (ie ‘Taper’) move, which is actually positive for the dollar as a safe haven, and a risk-on scenario (as investors will seek yield through higher returns, rather than through buying a safe haven currency). As both Greenback and Yen are reserve currencies, and both their countries are engaged in massive stimulus efforts, it is always going to be hard to have a clear bias on this pair: the recent move above the 104 mark happened through the last full week of trading of the year, therefore it is too early to say whether the $10bn taper announced by Bernanke on Wednesday will be digested as positive for the Usd/Jpy - it may have been a relief rally for the dollar - so we will have to wait until the new year to see how investors will react in this particular trading pair. You also have to remember that Japan is potentially going to approve substantial capital gains tax increases in the next few weeks: although I do not know all the details, I know that it is something that could potentially affect capital flows to the country… Going back to ‘overbought’ yen pairs, there are some, like the NZD/JPY, which are historically less ‘overbought’, and may, therefore, have more appeal on the upside: certainly, the NZD is massively undervalued at present, although it may not be long before its high yield (highest than all Majors by quite a stretch) and rate hike forecast will attract investors. I posted a video on this pair recently, which shows how we are at an important cycle window, with as much potential to continue on the upside as to the downside, so it is one to watch (given the carry potential too).I hope this helps! Happy Trading.

Thanks for the detailed reply and it really helps)

You are welcome, Marketdeal; here is an article on the USD/JPY outlook, written by DailyFX’s David Song (who specialises in trading news breakouts), which you may find interesting:Stronger Japanese Inflation to Spur Yen Correction as BoJ Sits Pat | DailyFX. Happy Trading