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Hello everyone

Does anybody know if this site is a scam?

I bought an indicator from them and haven’t received any email/indicator past 2 days. Any experience?

What indicators are you after? Most come with mt4 anyway and, imho, most are a waste of time

Stiffness Signal Indicator
This one sound a bit more solid to me, what do you think?

Can I ask what’s your strategy for Forex trading?

There’s a free system on here called the 3 ducks system, full explanation and pdf download in the first few posts.
Basically it uses a 60sma in 3 times to spot, confirm, and pinpoint trends.
I no longer need to use the sma, I’ve used this long enough to find what I need without it.

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Hi again

I got my indicator after contacting them so many times. Their support is not that much good, but they finally sent the indicator, and even I failed to set it up they worked it out with TeamViewer for me. So, they’re not scamming.

And if you don’t mind, dear moderator, close the topic.

Good luck trading everyone.

Thanks for the book. It’s amazing!

Are you still using these indicators, worth a try or nothing impressive !. I didn’t check much reviews, but I just purchased the indicators waiting for the copy. Please share your inputs.

I see but you can also get here free Indicators forexzep. com you can check also here more indicators for free

I have tried to contact both the developers as well as the Forum regarding some basic information on the Indicators methodology, as well as trying to sort out why my Indicator has been frozen for 2 weeks. I have tried reloading to no avail.

The developers continue to tell me they are too busy, and I can purchase the EA for an incremental cost. There has been no interest from the Forum, as I do not think they are even active.

Without having the indicator working on an account, I will not invest more money in this or any associated product, given the complete lack of post purchase support.

Unless rectified, I do not recommend the purchase of any products from this website.

I will be surprise if this is even published, as it appears they do not publish a=n unbiased set of reviews

None of them worth trying, believe me. Just work on your own system. NEVER pay money for any indicator or EA! They always fool you with nice and tempting pictures!

You’re completely right, they do not publish unbiased reviews.
Not only this website but also others are a complete waste of money and time.

Stay positive and forget the indicator. Work on the trend following systems as they always pay their debts.

People! NEVER pay for indicators! NEVER!

Is the indicator good and profitable?

No. Not at all!