Problems with position sizing

Hey guys, I’m having some problems with off position sizing and wondering if anyone could help?! I calculate all position sizes with 1% capital risk. But quite often I will either get stopped out and lose 1.5% and sometimes even 2% of my account, same goes for tp at 1:1. I calculate my position sizes with the baby pips position size calculator and have sometimes double checked with other calculators and always get the same figures.

If you look at the pictures provided below, you will see a calculation I’ve done on a current trade on the GBP/USD with 1% capital risk on a demo account just over $5000, But I’m only a quarter way to a third to 1:1 and already up $30, I should only be up around $12, so if price goes back and hits my stop I’ll lose more like $90 - $100, rather than the $50 loss I calculated. Does anyone know what is going on here?

Obviously this can sometimes go in my favour, but other times not. For example, I was up 3% by the end of last week, took 1 trade on the EUR/JPY this week and lost just under 2% even no I only calculated 1% risk. Very frustrating!

Any help appreciated!

The Position Size Calculator asked for the price for AUD/USD — you entered the price for GBP/USD.

Makes a big difference.

So your account is denominated in AUD right?

And you want to risk $50 AUD on a trade right?

That means you want to risk about $38 USD because AUD/USD is about .76 and 50 x .76 = 38.

You want a stop distance of 72 pips.

38/72 = .5278 so you want to risk .5278 USD per pip.

GBP/USD risks ten cents USD per micro (1,000). So you want 5 microlots (5,000) to risk 50 cents per pip. 72 pips would risk $36 USD which is $47.37 AUD.

Clint pegged the calculator issue. May you profit handsomely.


Thanks guys. I new I was probably making some sort of rookie mistake that was staring me right in the face. Thanks goodness for demo accounts!

Thanks guys. I knew I was probably making some sort of Rookie mistake that was staring me right in the face. Thanks goodness for demo accounts!