Profit in trading

Does one’s profit in forex depend on another’s loss? Must someone lose for others to profit? If not, what is the source of funds profited?

It can be that way - or it can be likened to pyramid selling - or indeed to buying and selling goods - If you get more for your asset than you paid - who actually cares ?

The risk ratio needs to be maintained to make a profit in trading. If a trader does not trade by maintaining risk, he cannot be a profitable trader.

Yup. A zero sum game… at least for forex.

As most traders fail, Brokers will often put traders on what is known as a B book. Meaning they actually provide the liquidity/take the other side of your trade and not someone else in the market. Knowing that over 90% of new traders will loose - the brokers then make that money.
Controversial yes but is all part of the game.

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Losing in forex is the part of forex trading and it is a zero-sum and very risky market. Always try to minimize your risk and loss with a good strategy and plan when you enter in the trading field.

Yes, but I wouldn’t concern yourself as the financial institutional traders, not us poor retail traders, trade the bulk of the market.

And FX trading is a negative sum game, not a zero sum game when you take into account broker spreads, commissions, and fees. Even on a 0.06 lot size my broker prop firm charges $0.54 per trade.

This is fine. Does it mean there’s a platform where all the brokers connect?

There is no central exchange like the stock market if that is what you are asking?

@TraderEvolved I really need to understand something here. So, where is the source of funds paid as profits in stock market?