Question about Fundamental Reports

I may feel like fool for five minutes or more but I have to ask this. When the reports come out, and they are in percentages (i.e. PPI, CPI, Imports, Exports) does it mean that the data increases or decreases at these percentages which come out or do they build on a fixed report from the past. So for instance if the CPI is 0.5% one month and 0.1% the next, has it decreased 0.4% or has it gone up by 0.1%. Thanks, stay cool, take it easy.

Normally, that’s the change for that month, or quarter, or whatever. So in your example, it would be a cumulative 0.6% for the two months. There can be differences in the way some data is reported, though, in terms of year-over-year numbers and whatnot.


I few days ago the “cosumers sentiment repor” was released. I fully understand what the backround the report is, the only problem I have that I can’t make out the numbers.

For example: What does it mean when the result of this report is 98? What is considered to be low or high, is there any interval for this?

Many thanks for anyone who helps :slight_smile:

Sentiment readings like that generally have some kind of level above which is considered good, and below not good. They tend to vary among the different reports, so I can’t give you a hard and fast rule. Beyond that, though, the market tends to focus on whether the readings are rising or falling.