Question about position sizing when taking a short position

Peddling, not Pedding as you typed.

Gosh, do i have to teach you English too? :joy:


Sorry my mistake

But not every broker is doing that unless they were MM type

Absolutely agree, I was just trying to point out that about 99% of retail brokers are MM brokers.

DMA is great if you can afford it, but lets be honest, most can’t. An example could be with Interactive Brokers, last time I looked it was about $100k for US clients and £50k for UK clients to open a DMA FX account.

That’s all, so going back to Clint and his description of retail trading being more like speculative betting is on the whole very much correct.

You May Have a Point… Imagine " VEGAS" but with BigGunsFX and SpearmintRhinoFX in Flashing Lights Instead…

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Hi bro, quick pointer here.

If we had sufficient resources for DMA then we wouldn’t be trading at all. The game is to much of a head duck. We would however have fund managers coming out of the woodwork wanting to get hold of our money for us.

We trade OTC CFD’s. We trade against our broker - FACT

And wish I made this trade on a real account not a demo.

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Here’s the thread Peter, shows some of these posters lack of real world knowledge…

The “be right at all costs” members mentality is very dangerous to unaware newbies…

What a “Fuster Cluck” of a Thread… It’s no longer even in the same universe as the OP’s question.


An avalanche of comments for a question about position sizing and short position.

I do agree that Martin K has a less informative lengthy word count approach and has an informal way of typing but he has good intentions regardless. If I am not mistaken the forum might be dying from what I read and he must like this forum a lot to contribute as much as he does with an attempt to keep it alive with his own efforts.

Also, in my opinion, a forum is meant to be about knowing other people’s view points of a topic, regardless of disagreement, no one is perfect. Another note, the person posting the question should know that the answers received in a forum can be illegitimate and newbies should be researching in their own interest anyways.

That’s my thoughts anyways.

Also, I like this forum so I do what I can to contribute.

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Thanks Trends.

Non UK guys might not know it but Royal Bank of Scotland is owned by the UK taxpayer.

The DOJ in the US at least seem to be proactive in prosecuting any possible wrong doing as in the case this week against a Barclays Trader…

Hey Pete…a major Australian Bank’s FX division was caught forwarding clients positions and other information of financial interest to a British Bank prior to the London open a few years back…might be able to find the article…

ASIC only got wind of the fraud when one of the brokers was netted in a separate operation… and fined said Bank AUS$2-3mil… which didn’t want to set a precedent by paying the court imposed fine and instead argued to make the fine a donation to charity… deductable under Australian Tax law…

One tough regulator is our ASIC…:fearful:

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RE this

Actually you are the one that picks on every little word and i have tread carefully with you and charlie out of fear of not offending your delicate nature


so why say this…

and why say this

and why say this…

it would seem that you are more interested in demeaning people
there are different ways to say these things

and since you brought it up
I also am not the guardian of your emotional state, but have definitely been on quiet a few posts.
but since you want to bring that out… ok, let’s bring it out shall we

You need to not be so picky on a lot of things
you need to understand that people are not perfect
you need to not get so fired up

now it’s out

so… Keep your emotions in check
and i’ll keep mine in check

Misunderstandings are Misunderstadings and they can be worked out
but what you and a few others are doing is nothing short of childish and having a superiority complex
Now… i’m choosing to respect your experience and you should appreciate that

but i’m struggling to find a middle ground with your attitude

I mean, i say the slightest thing
and you get triggered

why can’t you let things go

now as for this

Mate. it’s not just me
this is a text based forum and people speak different languages and we all come from different cultures

but UNDERSTANDING cures Misunderstanding
Arrogance and being a smart arse does not … ok
neither do little low blows that APPEAR TO BE INNOCENT and we all know what we are talking about right

so. Cards on the table… ok

Please stop doing it, and i’ll put in an effort to make your life easier as well, when interacting with me
dont’ give a stuff and i’ll do whatever the hell i want to do

it’s not a hard decision , yet i have found in the past that people will pick the latter regardless

Let’s see which way you go.
Obviously i’m trying here… right

Now let’s see how you respond
and honestly, i would liike to think that you would want to work this out

so make a choice

i’ll await your reply

Martin, a simple; "I’m sorry for misunderstanding - be cool " would have beena perfectly adequate reply from you - lol

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No mate

when you’re polite and respectful, and willing to work differences out you get that short answer that you proposed.

when you’re clearly being rude, you get the long answer… ok
and you get more of a cold shoulder from me

Now like i said
I’m still willing to work this out
but i’m waiting for you to change your attitude
and IF YOU’LL NOTICE, i’m trying to keep these posts short, although , i’m not really sure why i’m even putting in the effort since you are continuing to be this way.

so what do you reckon… can you give it a rest ?

and also, if i had said this to you

i would consider the “be cool” part to be a little on the rude side.
i personally may have just said, sorry for the misunderstanding
but… that’s me

so, you reckon you can meet me half way here or what ?

Nobody posting in a forum should have to meet anyone half-way, or any other proportion of the way, to anywhere.

7 or 8 of us have the same problems with your posts, Martin, and we say so regularly.

The only realistic way to resolve this issue is for you to change your posting-style. Which, according to some of your recent posts, you’ve expressed yourself as being willing to do, and I welcome that and thank you for it.


i don’t get you here

on one hand
you say

and this suggests you want to fix things

then you say this

and then this…

so… What ??
You guys are not willing to compromise and I HAVE TO CHANGE LOL

I mean… i’m interpreting arrogance here and double standards

REALISTIC would be for all parties involved to work together towards a common goal
Not having all parties tell one party to conform

so please clarify if i’ve misunderstood you

No Martin, what L-C said was;

Significantly different IMHO from the way you chose to confront the invitation. :slight_smile:

there was some confusion in the post,
and at the Request of @Falstaff , who brought the error to my attention,
I have agreed to remove the post in the hope that this will fix whatever the issue is.

i apologize for any inconvenience caused
and whatever was caused was not intentional or malicious on my part.

Martin K ]

and another thing though
he also said this…

followed by …

so… tell me IN YOUR OPINION
how do you interpret this

he is not willing to change
he doesn’t care
he just wants me to change

now… understand
I’m not being arrogant or stubborn
but i’m sensing a lot of rudeness here and non co-operation
tha’ts the way i interpret it
based on this…

so… his morals and his levels of belief of what is right and wrong tells him that Negotiation, Co-Operation and Give and Take are not options nor is compromise
and that no one on this forum should have to do any of the above

in my opinion if a person holds that belief , you can’t get anywhere and there will always be argument because a sense of negotiation or compromise does not exist.
and therefore only selfishness is present.
that’s how i see it

so… how do you interpret it ? for the record


Martin - Two posts ago, (post 69) you have quoted me as saying something which I believe I never did say.

Please explain ?

ok, no problem
what was that thing that i said that you believe you did not say
can you put a screenshot of it up and i’ll do my best to explain it

i do realize you referenced Post 69, however i can’t see numbers on posts, i don’t know how to find them like that.
i usually rely on people to copy Quotes in

so get that to me and i’ll explain whatever i said… ok
no problem

There is your reference

[Edit submitted before you denied that you can see the post numbers ]