Question for Admin/Mods

Babypips uses it as a way of saying there is no such thing, while his site stands by the “ploy” as fact. Quite a significant difference, I think. Not to discredit the possibility, it just isnt the case with this. In multiple sections it is advertised as 100% win rate, not a ploy, hedging or not I do not know. I know that the most beneficial site I have come by says not to believe such trash. You keep referring to a question I had about the banner on my 1st day here that leads to a blank page, at the top of the babypips page that I was mistaken, as you are the one who explained it was a ploy to show there is no such reality. This I am not mistaken on unless I’ve forgotten how to read. :slight_smile:

-Thats all for tonite, hopefully someone else chimes in with some information on this. Have a good nite.

One more thing, since you edited your post ill edit mine again. Forexmillionaire said he uses no indicators well here is a direct quote from Johns site. Huge difference huh.

  1. What kind of charts or indicators does it need?
    Absolutely none. All it requires is the current price at the time of day you pick for your trading time.

I never said how John was doing it, I merely said it is possible to have zero losses and not have to label it as a get rich scheme. John has a couple degrees in finance I don’t pretend to know everything he does.

Your trying to go down and spin new angles with comparing few words that are the same across both websites. I won’t be following along with this anymore. Pipdiddy or ForexNinja can read that I tried to stop your insults of another member. They can wipe out my messages in this thread. Its obvious you won’t stop until John is either banned or signature is wiped out. [U]Good job muck welcome to babypips and telling people they give head to admin[/U]. real mature.

If you are so bent on why someone gets to have something and somebody else doesnt. [U]I’m going to pose one last question and you can respond with a new angle I won’t be following along.[/U]

If the rules say you can be in disagreement with another member, but you can’t personally attack, slander, degrade another member.

[U]What is special about you then, cause once you have your answer to the signature angle your on, that should answer your question about the slander rule as well that you have violated.[/U]

I love the edit button, perhaps I should go back and edit all my posts like you, rephrase the entire thread in a way that makes your come across as an arogant douche, as you have attempted with your “6:34 am edit”.

I feel no need to say much more then this, I have not broken any rules. As Vague as they are. In no way have I done any of the things you claim. If I recall, the [B]only[/B] questionable thing I have said was that the member (no name) was perhaps orally pleasing the right people. No threat, slander, attack or degrading of anyone. If anything the person should be happy, his link is being viewed by just about everyone, let it speak for itself.

Odds are after reading this you will simply hit edit again and completely change, as you called it “Angles”. If anyone here is guilty of this, its you sir.

Have a good night, definetly improved your side with that last post though! Still waiting for an explanation of the rules for posting links. Please elaborate, what is acceptable, what is not.

My two cents…

This entire thread was as needed as much as my own reply to it. I’ll let any reader decide the worth on that.


and anyone who cares to know, I have always from day one reedited my post. I’ve been told by several people to cut down the length of my post and sometimes I redo the spelling. I [U]try[/U] to never edit after a response has been given.

Post 5 - Muck 1.13am
Post 6 - Kangi 11.53am - 1.17pm [I]wasn’t touched after your post 7[/I]
Post 7 - Muck 7.17pm
Post 9 - Muck 7.34pm
Post 10 - Kangi 7.50pm - 8.38pm [I]wasn’t touched after your post 12[/I]
Post 12 - Muck 9.15pm
Post 13 - Kangi 11.55pm - 12.29am [I]cut post, refreshed and saw your 14[/I]
Post 14 - Muck 12.24am
Post 15 - Kangi 12.43am - 01.05am [I]added last two paragrphs, saw your 16[/I]
Post 16 - Muck 12.59am
Post 17 - Muck 01.10am
Post 18 - Kangi 01.14am - 01.32am [I]wasn’t touched after your post 19[/I]
Post 19 - Muck 01.32am
Post 20 - Kangi 01.36am - 01.41am [I]wasn’t touched after your post 21[/I]
Post 21 - Muck 01.48am - 01.54am
Post 22 - Kangi 02.04am - 09.32am [I]wasn’t touched after your post 23[/I]
Post 23 - Muck 08.19pm

You can try to lie on me as well man, you’ve already been caught in a lie on this thread which you had to admit about first occurence of John and who actually did it.

I never altered this thread to change any angle Muck the times clearly show that. I even addressed it in post 18 about 15 and 13. ;o)

You haven’t been around long enough to know I’ve been hammered on other threads for length of my post, the edits clearly show across all my threads me trying to cut the size of them down to hit the basic points. that is bottom line.

[I]definetly improved your side with that last post though! - muck[/I]
It sure did bro, but it was the same angle from the point of post 6 throughout. and I didn’t edit it after you posted something. ;o)

You need to rethink what degrading someone is, cause the oral comment does just that. You have been negative since you’ve been here, man. and that is
the bottom line.

Changing of angles refers to…

  1. Your original beef was his was a get rich scheme.
    I showed it was possible to hedge hold what you got, but at same time not really make a decent return.
  2. Then jumped to was only getting at why rules are different for forexmillionaire and john. which we covered that as well
  3. Lied and tried to improve your angle by saying you never mentioned his name other people did this. Proved that was false.
  4. You tried to come back full circle and compare his site to a get rich scheme, in post 21. Which is when I stopped and said enough for me I won’t be doing the circle with you.
  5. You tried to discredit me, with saying I’ve went back and edited my side after you have posted something to make my side look better. Please man, the times are above for anyone to see

Maybe if you are the defender of the rules of equality, we should start a thread and see without using your name. if the comments about oral are degrading a person and/or the admin at the sametime. but we will mention that it isn’t trying to get you banned it is merely to get answers as to the rules. see the point. and that is what you have been doing

John has sat on the sidelines on this and wants no part of this with you, that is why the other thread was whiped out, it was at his request. I only got in on this thread when you finally dragged his name into this thread. I’ve been careful not to use his screenname. So I’m sure he isn’t as you claim getting tons of just awesome hits and sales from your slander. I could be wrong maybe as you say he should be thankful to you.

[I]If I recall, the only questionable thing I have said was that the member (no name) was perhaps orally pleasing the right people. -
Post 5 you finally put a name to that person that you was refering to in Post 3. How many times are we going to continue to lie? or we going to just keep chalking it up to bad memory and not recalling like Oliver North! ;o)

Look short and sweet, were more alike then you would like to accept but, tough. Your not going to change your opinion/view of the issue, niether am I. I started the thread to get an answer to a Question. Along that path you pointed out rather insignificant information about how its possible to be a legit get rich quick scheme. Thats great. No need to argue that, its clear as day. It’s also possible that I am Bill gates, I am not, however it is “Possible”.

As to “Catching” me in a lie, if I had wanted to I simply could do what you have done multiple times. EDIT my post removing the name, making you look like a Dumbass. I however am not that guy, you are. Sorry to be so upfront with you but jesus, your continueing with useless information on a thread you should have excused yourself from days ago.

I am seeking information that you are not eligible to distribute. Only a Mod/Admin can inform me of the rules. Only because they did a horrble job writing them, I should be able to hit forum rules and all my questions be answered! If they are a nazi website, which I doubt, then fine. I honestly don’t care anymore, their rules are undefined and they are deciplining people for things not defined in the rules, all the while allowing some guy to advertise his site. To think, I was planning on becoming part of this community, but what community is their to be part of? I know, “you dont want me here anyways, so leave” save the hate for your father, not me.

I could spend hours going over posts that have been edited, rephrased, whatever excuse you have, no need. If you feel the need to post, include the forums rules, quoted from an authority figure. Nothing more is needed of you.

-If there are spelling errors, or grammar issues no worries. I will not be editing another post in this thread to prevent me looking like the previous mentioned poster. If nothing more this has been entertainment for some of its readers, the fact that no one could post the rules should make you think about whose running the site, if your a dedicated member of the forum perhaps you should write up some rules and submit them to the Admin to review, you may earn a rank or be permitted to advertise links to get rich quick schemes.

Surely I will stick around a bit longer and see if it gets any real comments, wont hold my breathe though. :eek: :eek: :eek:

If your going to Quote me, do so correctly.

“To put it clearer, can members advertise on your site, if so what are the stipulations for doing so? If not, why are some doing so with no consequences and others get banned? As I said I wont call anyone out in public, the only reason I did in someones post was because the poster above mine encouraged the person to buy his item with nothing more then babypips school inside, if thats acceptable well I will save that for another post for I cant imagine this being accepted in this community, no matter how much oral the guy gives”

Unless the persons name is Guy, then I have not said anyones name in this post. In later posts a name is mentioned. Never do the two enter in the same post. No rules broken unless they are making them up as they go. If thats the case I could have just broken the rules by quoting myself!

As mentioned above no need to reply, your pretty much done. False accusations on top of editing posts to benefit your “new angle” now that should be a bannable offence. You seem to like it here though, so ill put in a good word to keep you around. :smiley:

I’m fairly certain I can pee farther than either one of you gents. :rolleyes:

Short and sweet…

Along the path of trying to get an question answered, you slander a member of whom, the post on the other thread was whiped for that reason, and it was carried into this thread. I will excuse myself from your thread. I will take it up with admin in email as to the slander.

As for the editing bro, it is clear that I didn’t edit “after” you responded. You can edit a post as much as you like, there is nothing wrong with it. There is a probelm if you edit after someone responds. And I put the times up for people to look at. I knew you was going to take this angle that is why I addressed it in Post 18 before you ever brought it up man. ;o) Knew you would resort to this weak angle.

And you don’t have to have the same name in the same sentence, the thread was directed at one member, in a later post you did in fact put a name to that member. doesn’t matter if it was in same sentence or different post, you called out his name. If you was really sincere about getting this answer, it doesn’t take 1. naming the person 2. slandering him to get your answer. that is the bottom line and shows your true intentions

Forex Ninja has already deleted post in the other thread went you went on a rampage, and he asked for it to be deleted and next day you created this thread.

I original thought you was just a new guy and misunderstood what you read, jumped in when you started to slander. During course of this thread, I have come to realize Muck, that you are just all around a negative person.

Why am I even doing this, just adding insult to injury:

  1. Your original beef was his was a get rich scheme.
    I showed it was possible to hedge hold what you got, but at same time not really make a decent return.

I initially ignored this aside from your .25% in a decade example, but I will reference my prior post. Its possible, great. A lot of things are possible, however many are unlikely. The claims mentioned in the site in question are unlikely, but possible. If you need further explanation of why this is insignificant, please find some logic.

  1. Then jumped to was only getting at why rules are different for forexmillionaire and john. which we covered that as well

I said straight up that forexmillionare is a moron, you should get your facts straight, another false accusation be sure to bring that to the Admin when trying to get me banned.

  1. Lied and tried to improve your angle by saying you never mentioned his name other people did this. Proved that was false.

You already are aware that I corrected this in a previous post, saying I was wrong with out any denial. Had I wanted to deny it all I would have to do is take a page from your book and Edit it out. Again, nothing more is needed to be said. This is simply, yes I was WRONG, I did mention his name in the post right before yours did.

  1. You tried to come back full circle and compare his site to a get rich scheme, in post 21. Which is when I stopped and said enough for me I won’t be doing the circle with you.

Perhaps you should go to post 21, and follow the directions. If you arent half as stupid as you sound perhaps you will understand the reasoning behind this post.Why am I continuing my god its like having a debate with a rock.

  1. You tried to discredit me, with saying I’ve went back and edited my side after you have posted something to make my side look better. Please man, the times are above for anyone to see

I didn’t ever! ever! “try” to discredit you, I did however suceed in discrediting you. The times are above, unfortunetly the content of the posts prior to the edit are not. You want to talk about changing angles, have a nice long conversation with your self. Be sure to bring some tissues when you finally realize its you changing angles.

—Feel bad now, but you have pushed and pushed. If your half as intelligent as you try to come across as you will understand that you’ve been pointing your finger at the wrong person. If your going to submit this information to an Admin be sure not to include your posts. On top of that, you should go back and edit them all to say somthing completely different, wait you did that already. I hope you do send this to an Admin, would show how smart you really are. “This guy, I think his names Muck, he out debated me in somthing I shouldnt have been argueing anyway, well can you bann him so I can feel good about myself again?”:rolleyes::eek:

Best of luck to you in the future, try and avoid threads like these. And yes, I am a horrible person, very negative. Your so right. lmao. If only you knew me you would understand why thats so comical :slight_smile: I go on lots of “Rampages” and I cant comprehend anything when im in that state of mind “Rawr!”:mad: Sarcasm Off As I said, good luck in your endevour to get me banned, Karma is a beutiful thing…


Bro I never came off as being smarter than you, you took it that way. If you actually read some of the post, I was following along with you. I did look at the site, I did pose questions and scenarios as to maybe it wasnt a get rich scheme. John himself said it wasn’t he told you it was small %'s. Muck have you actually looked beyond the [U]1100%[/U] it says [U]it took six years[/U], at 52 weeks and 5 days a week, what is that roughly like .75% a day or something like that. I think newbies can make a carry trade that goes with the main trend to nail that pretty easy. without hedging. ;o) Did you ever use a calculator to see it was a low % rate? I did cause I was following what you was saying about him.

I never said you didn’t say forexmillionaire was a moron, I’ve read everything that your wrote. But you made the statements in the other thread as to why forex was banned for having a get rich and john wasn’t. you said both sites look awful familiar and pointed out similarities in them. that is what was the point not if forex was a moron.

I never brought up you lying again, after you corrected yourself, until after you took the cheap shot on the editing angle. you know damn well I havent changed the course of the thread, and I haven’t changed something after you posted something

Muck I’ve said several times, my intentions wasn’t to make you look bad, I said we all see the good intentions you had and have, I merely tried to stop the slander, and possibly show an example as to how it might as john said not be a get rich scheme. then you would insult either me or pippinpips for even posted on your thread. which is fine you have that right. but you did say people could comment.

I haven’t pushed anything bro… I’ve merely responded when you shot a different way or posed a different question. And I never said I was going to try to get you banned. those are your words. I merely said I was going to write an email to admin about the slander to get clarification on the slander rules. Much like your trying to get clarification on the signature rule with John and not trying to get him banned.

Pipdiddy even responded to you and said that he reviewed the site and forex’s post and they contradicted each other. He was pushing a get rich and worried about lossing money at same time but trying to sell that idea regardless. John hasn’t contradicted himself that I have read thus far. Everything seems plausable.

Your last paragraph is probably the most laid back and having fun here that I’ve seen you post across all threads man.

To those following the thread, which I believe is probably only me, muck, and pimpinpips ;o)

This is my last message on this Thread.

Babypips Support Team… said

  1. Muck’s has one valid point in this whole thread, signature linking. They will remain neutral on this and allow the community to decide it if signature linking should be valid. They want to remain neutral on most issues and let the community as a whole work out the issues. This is the jist of what I received from them.

  2. They don’t feel the need to to defend John or even themselves to Muck.

  3. They are in agreement with me that he slandered a member trying to ask a question, which they said is inapporiate on their forums and will be taken care of.

Which is main reason I was on this thread to begin with, the slander.

My personal opinon has remained intacted throughout the thread 1100% over six years, works out to be $3.52 dollars a day before taxes $2.10 after taxes on a $500 dollar account. Should we start a thread as to what constitues a get rich scheme? Sure that would make you rich, but how many eons? Maybe can search for the fountain of youth while we imploy this new found get rich scheme.

Which was muck’s first probelm on the other thread that got whiped was the get rich scheme, not the linking. The angle changed at beginning of this thread so it wouldnt be whiped out again, to more focus on Signature linking in general, with a few comments to it being get rich, and comparsions between his and forex’s site. ;o)

I never asked for Muck to be banned, in the email.

This is not to be intented that I wish to continue the debate, merely posting babypips stance per this thread. Will let other people answer Muck’s questions, regarding signature linking, and what constitutes getting rich.

Take care, best wishes in your trading.

To reply to Muck’s question on signature linking…

The rules on linking are clear: “No advertising.” and “All links deemed as advertising/spamming will be deleted.”

So, why do we let John continue to post a link in his signature?

John is a well respected in the trading community and has years of experience in
not just trading, but as an author and educator. He has been with from the very beginning and if you go through his previous posts you can see that he has taken much of his time to answer newbie questions with quality responses - many of which are difficult to find on the internet.

So, as a small thank you for helping countless new traders, we let his signature link to promote his book slide. (Honestly muck, i’ve visited that page i don’t even know how you even found his trading system page).

So, that’s the final word on that… so, let’s get back to having some fun in forex!

I would first like to thank Pipcrawler for the first real response to this post, as much as I would like to ignore Kangi’s ignorant and counterdictive post I simply cannot. However I will comment on Pipcrawlers post first, as it is the only real post within this thread.

I am all for allowing someone who has helped the community to promote their book, with some people informing me, and some through searching in these forums and his site. I am sure it’s possible that John is a great guy. Also I am sure it’s possible to say he is not. Honestly, I can’t say since I have very little knowledge of the guy. I can only make assumptions based on what I have read, which has lead me to create a thread on the subject because I found it rather appalling. In search of some answers I came across Kangi, who has replied to just about every post on this forum it seems. So I thought I might find some solid information regarding my issue, if you look back you will see just how wrong I was. Sorry to get off topic but I am not sure if I should laugh at him, or cry for him at this point.

I am not sure if your comment saying you don’t know how I even found his system is a question or not but I will treat it as one for the benefit of the members reading this. The link in his Signature is selling more then just his book, he offers courses and a “!00% System” among other things, for a price. After opening his page, click on the “Courses” tab (at the top of the page its on a bar) and you will see all I have posted is not random trash just trying to attract attention to myself as I am sure some have labeled me an “Attention Wh0re” which sorry to disapoint, I am not.

As far as “Slander” goes, the closest thing to Slander that has been posted in this thread has been in Kangi’s most resent posts:

Slander:a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report.

-Kangi’s report to the Admin contained my thread, as he previously stated would not happen. (see the above definition)

-Kangi’s report also concluded that I was using the word “Oral” as a sexual metaphore, with no evidence to back this claim up, aside from my post implying he was giving the admin “Oral” to receive such benefits. Following Kangi’s logic, it is “Possible” that I was implying he was offering Oral medications, Oral hygene,or even Oral speach. In no post have I defined that as a sexual term. Argue this all you want, same conclusion, solved by a dictionary: Oral - Definitions from (remove if you like but it’s not Advertising or Spamming)

Should I be making a report as well? Would it be slandering Kangi’s name if I were to say “Only little girls cry to Admins instead of simply ignoring the person whose out debating him”? One thing I will say is, you have done an excellent job derailing my post, along with keeping the issue from being handled in a professional manner. If your lack of grammar wasnt so apparent I would think you were the writer of that get rich quick scheme.

To come to my conclusion, I enjoy reading posts at babypips. I have enjoyed the site since I first saw your Free School. I will continue to send people here to read the information provided by you, regardless of the outcome of this “Issue” that has been escalated further and further by someone who should not have even been posting. I feel I have done enough to show my side of this, I wish his side was a bit more aparent but unfortunetly it’s been edited so many times its hard to see whats been posted from him.

If your decision is to ban me, as easy as it is to make a new account I don’t plan to, as I have done nothing wrong. If you feel I deserve to be banned, you might also consider removing Kangi’s posting priviledges.

Aparently, the 100% System being advertised on John’s site has been removed. I’ve not yet seen if it has been renamed or if it has just been taken down completely, which I can only conclude has been done in response to this thread.

I understand you would rather not post a response as you may feel this as an “Attack” against you, if you feel this way I apologize. It was never my intention to get you banned, as previously mentioned in one of my posts.
I am very happy to see there has been a solution to this, as far as advertising a book, I have no complaints assuming everyone else with 50+ post is permitted to do so as well. Though I am no Author, nor would I feel any information I could provide regarding the Forex be worthy of charging a fee for so this is no way going to benefit myself in any way.

Thanks for doing whats right, even if it just changes the name of the system.

-Edit, It seems I may have been wrong, the site is down but it may just be a hosting issue. Will have to wait and see. May be giving thanks for somthing thats not yet been done. Time will tell.