Question for Admin

hi i�m just wondering is it possible to open a private thread on babypips forum or do you think that it would be possible in future?thanks and keep up the good work with this forum i love it.

yeah, for more then trading. Of course there can be trading chat on there too. U could call it “just Toolin Around”:stuck_out_tongue: well I guess we could have a vote for that one. Cuz it’s good to chat on messenger, but if ur not in the right timezones or busy and only have a few minutes or occupied and u can just type a few messages once in a while, it’s a good solution for it. Anyways good suggestion hope the admins that are not stop at work can help my friend out here!:smiley: Alright take er easy and make sure to have a good one eh! Oh yeah u hear this one alot but Ima throw it out there again. “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive.” ~ Elbert Hubbard.

:smiley: i think i�m using your moto lately too and quite often but i believe you don�t mind bro and lets have some fun;) .you right with messengers it is problem to keep in touch with more people but if we would have private room or thread it would be great and i think it would bring more people here on the forum as well.once you have a fun with friends here always come someone and fun is know what i mean those who doesn�t believe in what you�re doing and just ruin everything bcos they think that there is only one way and to make X pips is just impossible.:stuck_out_tongue:

have a good one anyway bro:D

i hope one day we get what we need but i like this forum most and hope it will happen here the day.

thanks admin i have a good time here and learned a lot :smiley:

Hey guys,

Thanks for your ideas on a private thread… we’ll definitely look into it, but we would like to keep the community as open as possible so that everyone can learn from each others experiences!

thanks for answer a lot but i think we all need some privacy for sharing some informations without knowing the whole world about it.:D.

thanks very much anyways