Question For TheRumpledOne

[B]I understand that you use Daily charts for
projections. Would you like to expand on
that please?


Can you believe that they banned therumpledone? I read the closed threads. Can’t really see a good reason for banning. The guy posted free help and indicators, that seemed to be good for the forum. The guy’s never lose again thread is popular with viewers. They called him a spammer but others did worse that what he did and didn’t get banned. And the big charts complaint is rather silly, don’t you think? They banned another guy but let him back on, rather one sided, don’t you think? This thread will probably get closed now.

this stuff is old news. the admin made a decision and thats that. I don’t see any reason to rehash all this up. just like his sig line says google him and he will come up. just not on babypips, forex factory, forex tsd … and anywhere else he was banned from.