Question on placing orders in MT4

When I want to place an order in MT4 there are 2 order types displayed to me:

Market execution and Pending order.

When I choose the Market execution, I cant seem to enable the S/L and T/P options though they�re blocked out.

so, how do I place an order in MT 4 thats beeing executed right away and can have adjustable S/L and T/P limits from the start?

Please feel free to ask if I dont make myself clear.

ps. When I watch online education videos regarding how to place ordes in MT4, They seem to have an Order type enabled that I dont; The “Instant Execution” option wich I dont have at all.

That was when I started to get suspicious!

It used to be instant execution, but now it has changed to “by market” meaning you may or may not get the price you see it at… a few pips above or below… most likely not in your favour… It looks to me they are taking the ECN approach, where price is not garaunteed, how can they execute your order at the exact price, when they don’t control the price…

I enter the order, then go back and set SLs and TPs, more for the sake of faster order execution and pretty much have always done thaat even when the “instant execution” was available.

So in summary, you cant.