Question on spreads

A question about spread, when a broker offers fixed spread dose that mean that the spread does not change even during news? If it does change how will i know how much spread they are going to take will i only find out after i close the position or can i know how much spread they will take before i open it.

Im still on demo but on demo it does’nt tell you how much is being taken also im on alpari demo but i cant see anything about news why is that?

the spread is the diffrence between the the pair

so if you are trading Gbp/Usd

at it shows a Sell/Buy (Bid/Ask) of


the diffrence in price is 0.003 so the spread = 3 pips

so you will know how much the spread is before you enter into the tarde obviously if there is a increase between the 2 the spread has widend

due to the pure nature of forex spreads cannot be guaranteed by any body therefore always check

if you are a Mt4 user

on your graph you can right click go to properties in (click across at the top to commmon) you will see “show ask line” click that then you will have a visual representaion on the graph of what the spread is.(and/or any changes)

if you are offered a single price ie no bid or ask depending on what broker you are using it means genrallly you would be charged a commision rather than a spread but that something completly diffrent (i have only seen this once with a spread betting company) im not sure how true ECN brokers work if they would still have a spread or not or if it is just commision charged