Question with Brokers

I´ve been testing an AI based methodology with MetaTrader with a Demo Account. Because of all of this volatility and uncertainty, this is the perfect time to start to work with a small amount of money until the end of the year, only with the goal of getting more data to test my system.

The question is that i only see negative reviews, problems with Brokers for slipping prices, Brokers that close accounts without reason, etc.

So the question is simple:

Does the business model of being a Broker only brings returns with shady maneuvers? Is there a decent broker that only makes money with the users trade commissions?

Because i´m in Portugal and i only see negative reviews and the positive reviews looks they are from affiliate marketing (people payed to sell the broker and forex).

  1. Is there any trustable Broker, specially in Portugal?

Look for a broker that is regulated by FCA (in the UK) or ESMA (in the EU).

Then look up their “Order Execution Policy”.

Brokers now provide execution reports that show slippage statistics. So look for that report on their website. If you can’t find it, ask them for one.

Here are a couple of examples:

Thank you, very much,
I´m new to this and i´m learning all kinds of things.

Thank you


Im in Portugal as well, despite the fact I am not using a portuguese broker.

Activo Bank from Millennium have a trading app, you might wanna check with them.

Have you checked FP Markets and seen, heard that they are currently the most popular broker.

It has good spreads and execution and supported in several countries.

Greestings! Boas Miguel!
Ddin´t know about ActivoBank.
I´m gonna check it out!

Thanks! Obrigado!

HelloI´m goona check it, too!

Thank you !

broker is a big deal in Forex trading , so when choosing a broker please be cool always and never take any decision by emotional state , because the broker can affects the result of our trading with certainly.

good suggest , thanks . before investing in a broker we the traders need to make sure about their real performance in FPA.