Questions Concerning MT4 Platform

Hello everyone!!! I’m a spanking brand newbie and just started a demo account using an EA. My question is: Would I need to download another platform if I want to use two or three different EAs and brokers? I understand that I can have multiple EAs on one platform but what about brokers? Thanks for any help in this area as I’m trying to set things up as I learn through this forum and the babypip classroom.

if im getting your question YES you will need to download diffrent platforms of mt4 to use diffrent brokers as you will need to login to each individual broker sepratley, if you wanted to use diffrent ea’s with the same broker at the same time you can do that,

there are plenty of mt4 brokers so you might find you have 3 or 4 diffrent mt4 platforms loaded, all the same thing just a diffrent broker name.

Thanks for your help…I’m also wondering if I will need more space on my VPS server if I’m going to be loading 3 or 4 platforms. I’ve got the 10g 512mb for 35.00/mth. Right now I only plan on trying 2 more EAs and brokers.

You can have it in one platform if you know IP adress of broker server - put it under tools - options - server, but you can only run one by one

it depends of the number of currency pairs, I’ve been testing 3 EAs on a couple of pairs without any problem

Thanks RONN1709 and TREVPICK001 for your enlightenment. This is truly going to be one heck of a learning experience for me. I’ve got a long way to go…but at least I’m getting started and with the help of the school and forum plus a lot of practice, I should make out ok.