Questions on charts

I started learning and sort of “paper trading” on this Nov 21,so, it’s been about a week.
And I’m looking at two markets / major currency pairs for medium-term trading.

Very interested in getting real time data for them and generate weekly charts on my own for further review and analysis. Fxstreet’s chart station is nice in that it allows you to plot a weekly chart for a major pair.
However, I would like to download such data for a given week, data-wise, per candle-stick, that is, HLOC, Volume and MovS (I guess Simple Moving Average), would any fx website or free tool that would allow me to do that?


Open a demo account with Oanda and download their charting/trading software for desktop as well as on mobile. You can fund the demo account with virtual money and trade it like you would a real funded account. Enjoy!

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Would that be “OANDA Desktop”? Pretty sure, but better to be confirmed. Thanks.

I wouldn’t know. I use Multicharts, a separate charting software that I bought.

Ok, it looks like it. In the meantime, I couldn’t find a way to allow data download except [Save], which means to save to OandA’s database, that does not serve my purpose. Interesting tho.

You need a demo account with them. Then log in to the account using their charting software and you will get historical and real time data that the software will chart for you. Isn’t that what you want?

Yes, I’ve created such an account with them, I’d like an ability to download data to my own computer for further review and analysis. Unfortunately, either because I don’t know enough about their software to download generated data or they simply do not support it.

You will need to buy a data feed from a third party if you want to download it to your computer. How are you planning to use this data? And why do you want to do that? Are you a software developer who wants to write an EA of some sort?

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Ok. That’s fine. Since I’m just getting started with fx, tons of stuff for me to play around and to learn for now… so, downloading is not that urgent. Yes, I’m a software developer but not ambitious at this point…