Questions to ask after taking a loss

If you follow institutional money they rarely book a loss, assuming you have the correct entry there is almost always a breakeven exit.

Here’s the thing, in the markets the search is made up of the holy grail of trading, what it turns out is this basis is on price and time.

I already have access to the holy grail for price, it’s called Target Deviation, so accurate it’s not funny, the problem is the entry.

On a chart you need to enter at the correct time point, now today I made an interesting return on Forex and was going to hold the position.

Some smart consultants showed me how to holy grail the time as well manually via an overly, they have it automated in their charting platform.

Without this I would have held the position based on price alone and it would have evaporated all the profits, which is what the markets do.

With the time analysis for the trade I exited at the correct moment to retain profits for the weekend, in the markets time or price are not enough, you need both aligned.

That’s the focus of any booked loss because ultimately, it should never have happened.

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target deviation is a very good bot, if it actually works.

in most cases, it does not work


at some point of learning ,i will ask myself after every losing trade: did i manually reset my SL before things even turn bad ?

because i don’t wait for price hit my SL instead.