Quickest Way To learn Price Action Trading?

Ive been researching and really like what Nial Fuller has to say on PAT. Seems like the easiest way to scalp Forex. Any suggestions on how I can become better and it?? Im pretty much guessing on my demo account but I do see the patterns and trends. I understand leverage and risk/management as I am a professional Poker player. 2to1 3to1 ect ect.

I just need to be pointed in the right direction as far as learning to read charts and predict trends and find good entry points.

Have you been through the BabyPips school? It’s a solid place to start. A bit alarming that your title involved the word ‘quickest’, though - like anything worthwhile, this takes time. If you’re in a hurry to make money, particularly diving in to scalping, I’d suggest you’re in for a disappointment. But start with the school, that will soon give you a feel for whether this appeals to you.