Quickquestion for pipgod

hey i was wondering if you ever posted your system on here?? if yes please direct me cause it seems to do so well but why do you keep it such a secret?? . just wondering and hoping you could help others with it too thankx…

No, I have not.

PM’s are welcome.

All is good.

is there an option to send PM’s on the forum or have to use email. i m really interest for some guidance


E-mail will be fine as well.

sorry but ur email address are invalid atleast hotmail :o

for some reason im not allowed to pm you… could you send me a pm with your email address or yahoo or skype or aim or msn messenger and i will definately get back to you … thank pipgod

The little red Y on my post. Upper right side.

That should work.

You are not allowed to PM until you make 50 posts. This was done to stop all of the spammers that have been showing up. :slight_smile: See Below!



Pipgod I haven’t forgotten about you. At the moment I am diligently working on getting my affairs in proper order. You’ll know when I’m ready to talk.