Rate my EA please

Hi there, I want to introduce my Automated Trading system.
Ea is based on each pair movement research. Channel trading.
Trading goes on 6 pairs at the same time and contain 3 safety levels built in:

  1. Stop Loss in Pips on each trade.
  2. Stop Out level in money on each pair (size 2-4%).
  3. Equity Stop level size 30% on account fully. (this level was not reached on 6 pairs in sum from 2008 year till today, even if consider that all bigest draw downs happened same time on all pairs).
    Ea does not keep trades opened for a long period, it does not collect losses opened and grow up draw downs.
    It can generate 2-8% month for a long run period very stable and safe way.
    here is the Demo monitoring link:
    also here are test results from 2015 till 2020 summer.

here I will post also current working screens and examples

hello again, somehow Myfxbook “auto update” mode stoped working so I had to move my account to “ea update” mode :slight_smile: here it is new link for monitoring http://www.myfxbook.com/members/dato1989/davids-bot/7693145

Free or what? Is this on a live account?

Hello :slight_smile: no not free it is not for sale :slight_smile: I plan to commercialize it but do not know yet how. check the monitoring link and read description there

Ah, thanks. Demo. Ton of trades. So you back tested to 2008?

5-6 years, that’s a long time trading, my man!

Here is test from 2008 till 2020 summer