Raw Spread Account And cTrader


I am a big fan of IC Markets raw (tight) spread account with cTrader. However, I think that I am paying more than needed for cTrader as I have micro account. What’s best in cTrader is that I can download and log into my account on any system, and it’ll just begin from where I left. The cloud sync is great.

IC Markets charges me 3 USD per side per 100K USD traded if I use cTrader whereas, they charge fixed 7 USD round turn per standard lot of base currency if one uses MT4/MT5.

What I want to know here is that should I stick to a raw spread account with cTrader or not?

If I go for MT4/MT5, I’d lose access to cloud sync benefit. Moreover, cTrader has flexibility of closing all trades at once as well as it offers more time frames than any other platform. Now if I continue using cTrader, I have feelings of paying more. It feels like I am paying for the cloud sync benefit.

Why should I choose MT4/MT5 if you recommend so? What about a commission free account with spreads going huge when it comes to cross pairs or metals?

Thank you very much for the time and feedback.

cTrader is a very good platform, but MT4 and MT5 are good as well , simple yet sophisticated. Since you have a micro account, I don’t think commission free account would be a good idea, the spreads will be high to cover up the commissions. If you’re upto changing brokers, as MT4/MT5 is practically offered by every broker, try fxview their spreads are low and commissions are also just $2/lot RT.
I’d suggest you a better one here, rather open both accounts and compare, ctrader with ICM and MT4/MT5 with fxview, you’d be able to decide yourself, if you should give up cTrader. what say?

Hi ajbozdar,

I am not sure why do you think that cTrader is more expensive. Based on the numbers you provided it seems cheaper or equally expensive to use cTrader than MT4/MT5, at least for most base currencies except GBP. Besides that I believe the advantages you get using cTrader vastly outweigh any minuscule price difference.

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This is a nice idea. Although fxview website looks modern and has everything to attract trader, it isn’t regulated yet. The parent company which “operates” the website, Charlgate Ltd, doesn’t have their own website at all. FXview claims that Charlgate is regulated by 5 authorities in different countries, but a “thorough internet” search refuses the claim.

The actual purpose of the post wast not to immediately change the broker rather the platform.

Thanks for the feedback.

I am looking into comparisons and checking which platform would suit me the best.

What keeps me acquainted with cTrader is its cloud sync. This is not something MT4 & MT5 offer straight forward. Your charts, templates, trades are all in sync.

they are regulated btw https://www.cysec.gov.cy/en-GB/entities/investment-firms/cypriot/81661/
had to scramble through the cysec website phew!


Their Metatrader commission is a bit high, for example Tickmill charges $4 round turn per lot. But I would choose Ctrader because it definitely doesn’t concede to MT4/MT5 in functionality.

I guess you are getting a little mixed up here. The charges that you are mentioning are not of the trading platform but of the broker. You can look for a similar trading platform on a different broker’s site. Fxview is one option. They are a micro broker that charges only $2 per round trade on their MT4/5 platform. XTB is another option you could look at.