RE; ADX indicator settings

Can somebody plz. tell me the correct ‘PERIOD’ settings for ADX ind. settings for HOURLY charts ?



Well the ‘correct’ setting for ADX is 14 BUT ADX was NOT ‘designed’ to work on anything shorter than the daily timeframe so use it at your own peril and DO NOT blame the indicator if you lose money on the 1 hour time frame!!!

Hi from Durban

This indicator is a plus factor to me but using it on the daily timeframe is a welcome news because I am new to this enviroment of Forex and learning.

Is it possible to communicate via e-mail or against the rules??

Thanks for that info

John from Durban

Hi dpaterso,

Been following your posts. When you say ADX is not designed to work on anything shorter than the daily time frame, do you mean that it will not work on anything quicker than a daily chart (M4, M1, M30, M15 etc) or do you mean it will only work for intra-day trading?