Real Estate Investing

Hello people!

Anyone here have any experience about real estate investing?

Currently owning two properties myself.

It’s always been a sound place to park cash, even more these days & especially in UK with the supply demand ratios & home ownership affordability constraints making a varied rental portfolio even more lucrative.

Obviously, the real bang for your buck is in outright, unencumbered ownership, particularly in decent turnover regions where demand outstrips (quality) supply.

Buy smartly, keep your spending belt tight & you’re on a winner.

A very little: I have [I]one[/I] rental property (overseas), which - very fortunately - I managed to buy under rather favourable circumstances when prices were right at the bottom of a property recession which was just about to turn the corner. I bought it partly with the intention of staying in it quite often myself as well as letting it out intermittently, but when circumstances confounded that plan, it proved to be very easy to rent out for 6 months at a time, and has actually had very close to 100% occupancy since I took possession.

I know I’ve been lucky with it, but I think that if you look widely enough, there are always ways to be “lucky” somewhere. I have more of an eye on long-term capital appreciation than just rental income.

(I only know about Europe: at the moment, I think northern Portugal, well away from the relatively overpriced Algarve, and perhaps some parts of Romania - but avoiding the coastal and winter-sports areas which are already [I]very[/I] fully valued, it seems - have some good opportunities.)

I have realized that I have to be very patient so succeed.

Where did you buy your rental-property? Seems like you did a very good purchase.

I’m currently aiming for year around rental properties for students. Living in one of the largest cities in Norway with a very attractive university. The property marked has been going good for the last couple of years too, this year it is up 7,4%.

In Marbella, Spain - in the “old town” (I wanted to be away from the beaches - wasn’t looking for those sort of rentals, at the time I bought).

So far, so good, anyway. There was a real estate crisis, at the time, in Spain. It’s a conversion in a big old house. The developer was on the point of going under and had to sell very quickly. Technically it’s only a one-bedroomed apartment, but they’re [I]huge[/I] rooms and its square footage is actually bigger than my whole (three-bedroomed) house, here.

That’s a local industry, here. I live in city in England with several universities (including one of Europe’s biggest ones) and “student lets” are a huge business, over here. I think this is a good, well-defined, well-established lettings market in which you don’t have trouble finding tenants from year to year.

A friend of mine in Riga does “embassy rentals” (not “ambassadorial residences”, just apartments for junior embassy staff). They need a very high standard of fixtures/fittings, and they need good locations, of course, but embassies are guaranteed good rent-payers, so there are no problems regarding that. It’s a [I]very[/I] different sector of the market, of course.

Malta can also be very good, but it’s not cheap.

Good luck with yours!

I’m glad I’m not the only person that has thought of this kind of thing to do, it just seems like a smart investment, you always hear of well real estate investors.

Recently, I became interested in this topic. I inherited the house, it is in very good condition, but I work in the city center, so it would be inconvenient for me to get to work every morning. I began to think what can be done with him and did not come up with anything better than doing real estate. It seemed like a good idea, so I invested a little money to make a little repair and started to take it. Yes, just rent out. There is no dst investments or any other complex schemes. At first, I thought that this would not work and I would just have to deal with documents and debts in the end, but it is not. Everything went very well and I am glad that these are engaged. I’m sure you can do it too!