Real genuine online income work opportunities

Hi people

I want to know of real genuine ways to make an online income on the internet.
Definite ways that do not involve chance or gambling. I put in the work i get paid.

Preferably online work opportunities that generate an income at or above $10 per hour worked. As i don’t want to be slaving away for less than minimum wage.
Ways that do not require people to have a super high IQ, or be an expert in anything, or be a super computer.

Just real genuine ways that normal people can make a consistent regular genuine income from working online over the internet.

I’ve watched a lot of the click bait youtube videos on this topic, but many of the work opportunities mentioned seem to be scams or less than genuine and real, or involve working for way less than $10 per hour in ways that do not have a good supply of daily weekly monthly work available - eg. filling in surveys online.

I don’t consider trading financial markets to be a genuine real way that ordinary people can make a genuine real consistent regular income from “working” online. As it requires skill, involves chance, the chances of being correct in any moment seem no more than 50 50, and something like 90% of people who try to trade online fail to make a profit.
I admit, I’m one of them, I tried and i failed. No shame in that, I did my best, it didn’t work, it does not make me a useless person or a waste of space.
I want to put in the work and know that I will get paid for it. Trading financial markets does not guarantee this, and so apparently around 90% of people who try trading online fail to make a profit.

I don’t want or need a mansion, fast cars, yachts, expensive holidays or designer clothes.
I’m a humble, self sufficient and modest living (minimizing the inessentials) type of person and all I really need is to be able to make at or above $10 per hour, working 50 hours per month, which will give me $500 per month which is enough for me.
But obviously the more money made in as short of a space of time as possible, the better, so perhaps some such online work opportunities can be up to 40 hours per week.

There must be real genuine ways to make a regular consistent income from working online, for normal people who are not experts in anything or genius’, that do not involve scamming or exploiting others, or being scammed or exploited by others.
Whether it involves working 2, 5, 15, 30 or 40 hours per work.
Please share here if you know of any such types of online work opportunities, even if you read this post a long time after today.

All the best,
Kind regards,

Trading is not easy but some types of trading are harder than others.

Find the easiest strategy for the easiest market. Can you trade the Dow and other US indices via their derivatives? I mean the index values, not the member stocks.

There is. Become a youtube blogger reviewing products. There are stacks of people doing it and if your blogging gets lots of views then youtube attach adds that pay you a fee everytime someone clicks and watches your youtube review.

Money for jam really. But not my cup of tea.



On Upwork, you can find some easy jobs that do not require experience, do not require you to be a genius or to be specialized in something.
You can find something like customer service on telegram groups, Facebook, whatsapp etc.
Many people need virtual assistants or just copying some data or pages in their blog.
Even YouTube captions, you just go through the video and type the subtitles for the videos.

It’s plenty of opportunities if you just want to put the hard work and not the skills.
Two main problems with it:

  1. It’s going to be hard to face competition from Countries in which the average salary is lower. You ask for $10 per hour, be sure that there will be a Filipino asking for $3 per hour.
    Maybe you will need to lower your requests at first, so you can collect some positive feedback before asking for $10 per hour.

  2. It’s very hard to make a career out of it. In standard jobs, you get a raise, you get a promotion or you improve your conditions anyway. Even in Forex Trading, if you are profitable, every year you can increase your capital and start to earn more.
    For this kind of path, it’s hard that you can ask for more than $10 per hour just to type subtitles, unless you specialize in something and your skills will be strongly demanded by the market (like tech support, for example).

Just like upwork, you can try with other websites, like Fiverr.

Good luck with it!

Thanks cake, i’ll have a look at those websites.

I wonder if there any UK / EU / USA companies who hire citizens of these countries to do jobs like data entry, or something similar online for reasonable pay flexible work and a reliable income.

That we are all not able to work from home on our computers now in 2020, I’m guessing it was predicted we could or should be by now, sort of indicates that the internet and what it has become is perhaps a bit of a scam or let down.

Both Fiverr and Upload seem to be websites where highly skilled freelancers around the world offer their services for quite low / competitive hourly rates.
Are there any opposing websites that are for recruiters offering freelancers actual remote/online/home based work?

Matched betting isn’t gambling and you can make a nice amount each month

Thanks Treeny. I did a bit of reading up on matched betting yesterday, so partially grasp how it works.

Do you think matched betting is something a person can do for years on end, or will a person only be able to do for a finite amount of time, perhaps months, before - i dont know - perhaps they run out of new bookmakers for the - sign up free bets, and reload bets???

Matched betting seems to involve signing up to lots of online bookmakers to qualify for and place a free bet to make a profit from, and then one withdraws the profits, keeps the account empty and waits for account reload free bet offers from that bookmaker. Rotating through lots of bookies.
But it seems logical that the bookies could quite accurately just identify those clients who are only after free bets and not give them any account reload offers.
And if the bookie had a way of knowing this person has an online betting account with 60 other bookmakers, they could probably guess that the person is just after free bets and so not give them an account or free bets.
Thus making matched betting much less possible.
Though maybe bookies offer account reload free bets as they know they don’t lose as half or more of the bets will lose, and the client may add and lose extra funds from their own wallet.

Drop shipping, affiliate marketing, blogging. There are plenty of websites with long lists of “side hustles” you can do, online and off. But like anything, its work. Can’t really get away from that.

And now that Internet access is getting more widespread and faster overall globally, you’re competing against not just those in your home country, but those practically everywhere.

Personally i dont like the sound of these two things.

You can get a good year out of matched betting before the offers dry up but you will still get re-load offers after this. Many people move to casino offers after matched betting where, with discipline you can make a lot of money from.

Thanks Treeny.

Ooh! What skills do you have and which country are you from? You can do freelance work like writing or designing? As with anything in life, you need to invest time at the very least in order to get something out of it so maybe educating yourself or practicing a specific skill set. :slight_smile:

Hi ponpon

I’m from the UK, and a university graduate with a top 1% IQ.

The fact that you’re from the UK is in itself already a huge thing. That already gives you so many opportunities! What about becoming a social media influencer of sorts? Starting a blog or something like that? Anything you’re interested in that may be super niche? So many things you can do as long as you have the time and the willpower to do them! :muscle:

Like any business, they can be a legitimate way to make money. Any business could end up being a scam. Or learning how to run X business from a snake oil salesman, even if the business is legal, can be a scam.

With your smarts, perhaps tutoring or online instruction is in your future.

Also, if anyone knows of any legitimate, transferable, easy to setup OFFLINE work from home opportunities, that dont involve a scam or pointless activity/s, please share.

Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but how would the casino offers work? Do you have to go to the casino or can you do it online? How much can you make a month if you match bet everyday?