Recomended Brokers Canada


What an awsome site!!

I have been researching the FOREX for a few months, doing some paper trades, creating a system, opened a demo account (but I can’t use it during the day:( ).

I have checked out the following Canadian brokers and don’t really know which one to go with. Does anyone have any advise on which brokers are best (trading platform, spreads)
CMC Markets


try Forex Trading: Online Currency Trading from Global Forex Trading
they have great customer service. Platform with good charting indicators… but u need to get used to it. Not really user friendly at first glance.
3 pip spread on most majors as most broker offers. Would honour your stop/ limit under normal market condition, but tends to have some slippage on news etc non-farm pay rolls, which the market tend to be very voliate.

try for a review of brokers.
gd luck!