Recommend an Online Forex Managed account service?

Hi guys!

Just thought that I would start a thread about managed accounts to find out if anyone could recommend one or we could find a good one together.

I have been trading for about a year now and really feel like giving up but I am willing to have faith in a reputable company offering online managed account services… anyone else in the same boat??


i am not sure a managed account service will do better job then you can…

but i know there are some sites where you can find reviews about such funds/companies, and reading reviews from others might help you to start out at least.
i know has a good review section that includes managed accounts along brokers and EAs. that might be a starting point.

I’d say just dump your money into a jumbo CD instead.

Cheers for the recommendation forexpeacearmy seems quite good.

Do you think that this is a dead end route?

I’m not thinking about putting all of my money into their hands just a portion see what the story is.

There do seem to be a couple of good ones.