Recommendations on brokers

Start with what you need from a broker. e.g. leverage, low spreads, or crypto etc based on your trading style and plan.

If you just need a demo, you can do this with almost any broker, it is when you go live that you must condier the options much more carfeully.

Good recommendations

You might want to start small and probably with an easy broker to deal. I recommend Tenkofx, offers high leverage, low minimum balance, and micro lots available. Minimize your risk for a start.

check for your requirements what actually are you seeking in a broker. After that start a research, trade on the demo and check which broker fulfils all the requirements you want. after that check for the regulation, their background and then decide with whom you wanna proceed.

What about outside of the UK?

Google is your friend. Look it up.

thats right, google is always the friend but nothing can be better than checking the broker themselves.

Where do you live?

Good thread here for offshore brokers

Not for everybody, plus lots of shilling going on recently with several of the brokers mentioned there.

To get more trading experience on our platform, UK offers a risk-free demo account that would allow you to test your strategies. You would have the opportunity to use our platforms and learn how to trade with over 80 different currency pairs and other asset classes. UK is a global Spread Betting, FX and CFD Trading provider based in the heart of London. We have over 35 years of experience and are trusted by traders for our fast, reliable execution. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

For any additional assistance, you can always reach out to our support team via our website or phone.

The guys from “Global Prime” (Australian broker) are so trustworthy with their support and discord chanel, that you get the impression its an NPO organization…so far (6 month) absolutely no problems with support, contact, platform, deposit or withdrawl.

Yeah, I agree that Global Prime is a good broker. I trade with Global Prime and FP Markets currently; both spreads are competitive.

The only advantage with FP Markets their slippage and commission costs are lower when compared to Global Prime.

I also recommend FP Markets, and as per the above posts mentioned, it’s reliable to trade with them because it is regulated and one of the oldest brokers active for over 15 years.

Regarding trading conditions, FP Markets spreads are stable and consistent even during volatile market situations with lower commission costs.

You can also try fxview, regulated and low cost.

Hey there,

Sorry to bust in on the thread :slight_smile:

I noticed your comment about Tenkofx… they seem to get really good reviews etc. I’ve been looking for a broker with a high leverage available. Most brokers only seem to offer their higher-leveraged account to ‘pro’ members who are dealing with huge accounts.

In your experience, do they provide more than the standard 1:30 leverage that many brokers offer?

Any feedback would be so helpful.

Thankyou :slight_smile:

Personally I use ICMarkets

I have some recommendations, make sure to check out their website and then you can decide.

  1. Fxview - Trading conditions are my fav. Commission is only $2/RT
  2. Pepperstone - Great broker, loved cTrader platform.
  3. Icmarket - One of the oldest, still great to this day.
  4. Fxpro - Best CFDs option, commission could have been better, tho

You can search top ten regulated brokers on google, then check out their trading conditions, whichever suits you the best, go for it.

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You can give a lot of recommendations according to different concepts, only until you try different options yourself, then you will not be able to compare with what, what is better and what is not

Check the trading conditions offered by different brokers on your own to see if they fit your needs or not.

Low commissions, tight spreads, reduced latency, and fast order execution matter a lot while choosing a broker. Do consider what matters to you before you make your choice.