Hello guys

i am looking for reliable forex brokers without kyc requirement that offers deposit of funds by crypto and withdrawal by crypto

lets make a list so that it will act as reference for anybody in future too

evolve markets

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From my experience i can add EagleFX. Im with them for more than year and a half. No issues at all for this time. Exactly the crypto (BTC) deposit and withdraw method is what i need. Its fast and the no KYC procedure is just like a bonus. But i know that there`s more brokers like them too.

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Hugosway just need email and phone to verify if sending them BTC from a crypto wallet to fund. Been with them a few years now and always been paid out in a few hours no dramas.

I signed up with Coinexx a year ago with no KYC. The experience has been pretty good with them. I deposit and withdraw with cryptos usually. I often raise withdrawals as I am living on forex income and never found any difficulty withdrawing my money.

Most of them are offshore brokers, hope you are aware of the cons.

I left hugosway because most of my issues were left unresolved because of their poor client support. Had a hard time with them.

Hey you gotta be careful when opting for brokers with no KYC requirements since they’ll be unregulated. Can’t help you much here because I’ve been trading for years with certified and licensed brokers with a peace of mind. Not to forget, withdrawal’s been pretty easy, just 24hrs process.

When did you leave them? I have found their customer service has improved compared to how it used to be when I first signed up.

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Left them few months ago, spreads were terrible and delays in withdrawals and I used to get no update. Many of my friends were also facing same problems so we switched.

Where did you go to? I never had an issue myself withdrawing. Were you trying to withdraw large amounts or something?

You have zero protection without KYC they can block withdrawal at any reason, for example…profit :smiley:

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I’d probably feel uneasy with a no kyc broker - is there any particular reason you want a no kyc one? :open_mouth: