Request for Software/Broker Ratings

I think it would be cool if were to set up a page that rates brokers/software entities.

How will it work? users will vote for their preferred broker and they can add comments within specific comment boxes.

Where to put it? can make a separate tab at the top, make an active poll within the forums, or just create a link somewhere to view the page. However I believe a fully supported page would serve the purpose better.

If you’d like some visual reference as to what I have in mind you can check out Road Bike Reviews at
(I use this site to gain info on bike products before I purchase anything)

They list the products and allow customers to rate and add comments on the products listed. Simple.

Now I know there are sites that have already done what I’ve proposed (just google, “forex broker reviews”); however, I don’t believed that they’ve presented the information as well as the staff has.

I believe that can use this idea, or something similar to it, and add to their already encompassing archive of Forex information.

I hope to see something come of this idea. And if not, well… I’ll break your pips! Ahahahahaha!

Happy Trading Everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

I think youre on to something here it certainly would help a newbie like myself. i think this is one of the hardest things, to start to find, a reputiple broker, its very very hard to sift through all the dust to find the one. if anyone can recommend any i would certainly be appreciate it. thanks joanne.:o

We will definitely look into creating a broker section… any suggestions on what or who we should include? :slight_smile:

Oanda would definately be up there in the top but it has some things that could definately be improved :). Isn’t that what the 'Rate my broker" section is for though? It doesn’t have polls but it does discuss brokers.