Request to edit first post

Hallo Pipstradamus,

I know that a post published can be edited only up to certain days. But it is a request to allow me to edit the first post of my thread


Presently the thread is getting attention of many forum members and the number of posts are increasing day by day. It is becoming difficult for a new visitor to go through the entire pages to get in touch with the spirit of thread. It will help interested newbies to go directly to the posts describing intention and subject of thread, if an index containing post numbers and links is included in the very first post. This index require periodic updates as the thread progresses.

But to add this index, I require permission to edit and update the first post of my thread. Permission is required only for the first post and balance posts can be maintained as per the regulations.

I hope such an activity can help members to understand the thread subject easily without going through the entire pages.

Thank you


Hallo Pipstradamus

I am not able to edit my post. Pleas provide permission.


Hey Bijoymj,

Thanks for the request. Please log out and log back in and let me know if you now see an “Edit Post” option within the first post of your thread. You should have had the option all along, but there was an issue with your account. Let us know if this fixes it for you.


I logged out and logged back again. But the problem remains same. I am not able to edit the first post of my thread

Please allow me access.

Also I am eager to know about the issue with my account.

Thanking you


Hello ???

Please allow me to edit first post of my thread



Please give me permission to edit my post. If not possible, please let me know the reason. The intention of my request to edit first post is only to help newbies. If edited, newbies can directly go to the exact posts that contains the theme of thread without going through all unnecessary posts. I hope that the intention will be appreciated and permission will be granted.

Hey Bijoymj,

We’re dealing with some technical issues with this feature and your account. Please be patient while we troubleshoot the problem. We haven’t forgot about you. Thanks.


Thank you Pipstradamus,

Please take sufficient time required to troubleshoot the problem. I am waiting and will keep waiting.

Hey Bijoymj,

We’re still working on this. We hope to have an answer today or tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.


Waiting for an answer eagerly.

Hey Bijoymj,

Have a go at it. Let me know if you’re working correctly.


Thank you Pipstradamus. It is working properly. Now I am able to edit the first post. Thanks a lot for your support and care. Thank you…