Retail Sales Decline, CPI Hits Forecast

A long list of economic data, ranging from RSI to CPI, was unable to strengthen the Canadian currency. Retail sales showed a larger than expected drop, printing -0.9 percent versus the -0.5 percent forecasted, while CPI read at 2.2 percent as analyst predicted. Despite inflationary pressures exceeding BOC?s target, interest rate futures indicate market condition will suspend any near term active policy.

[B]Previous 24 hours:[/B]
[B]Consumer Price Index /B (JUL)
Actual: 0.1%
Previous: -0.2%
[B]Consumer Price Index /B (JUL)
Actual: 2.2%
Previous: 2.2%
[B]Bank of Canada CPI Core /B (JUL)
Actual: 0.1%
Previous: 0.0%
[B]Bank of Canada CPI Core /B (JUL)
Actual: 2.3%
Previous: 2.5%
[B]Leading Indicators /B (JUL)
Actual: 0.4%
Previous: 0.2%
[B]Retail Sales /B (JUN)
Actual: -0.9%
Previous: 2.8%
[B]Retail Sales Less Autos /B (JUN)
Actual: -0.3%
Previous: 2.3%

[B]Next 24 hours:[/B]
There are no economic indicators scheduled for Canada over the next 24 hours.

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