Retail Sales Spark Rate Hike Speculation

As retail sales emerged better than expected, hawkish speculation was turned up a notch. The USDCAD fell to multi-decade lows with investors expecting a rate hike in addition to this month?s quarter of a percent increase. In post rate decision rhetoric, Governor Dodge noted that further “modest” increases would be necessary to curb inflation. Canada?s slate remains light throughout the rest of this week.

[B]Previous 24 hours:
Retail Sales[/B] (MoM) (MAY)
Actual: 2.8%
Previous: 0.4%
[B]Retail Sales Less Autos[/B] (MoM) (MAY)
Actual: 2.3%
Previous: 0.0%
[B]Next 24 hours:
[/B]There are no economic indicators scheduled over the next 24 hours for Canada.
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