Right! - Now I'm ready to trade for Real

Hi all - sorry it’s been a whole.

I’ve been busy with work but also with my forex.

Let me start buy saying a big thank you to everyone who persisted in telling me to press on with developing my own trading style rather than subscribe to forex signals.

I’ve now found my own route - one which suits my risk reward, the time I have available as well as reinforcing my belief that I’ve actually got a chance in this difficult market - not to mention playing to my psychological strengths and weaknesses :slight_smile:

That said my route as taken me into the realms of ea programming on the mt4 platform.

Can anyone advise the best place to learn how to program an ea?

I’ve got a fxcm mt4 demo account which I’ve downloaded but the silly thing keeps telling me that my account in invalid - ill crack it though.

As for my style I’m trading the major news across eur and Gbp v usd - I’ve been using a hedging strategy but am considering a straddle strategy - does anyone have any experience of hedge v straddle or any thoughts on which maybe the better. I’m thinking straddling 5 mins prior to major news - with 3 trades each side - each based upon a higher take profit target.

That’s where I am.