Risk is essential in Business and Forex

Either it is a company or a Forex business, in every field of trade there is some portion of risk involve. This risk is manageable but some of the macro risks could not be managed. Risk is an essential of every business so we should not have a fear of risk. In this world there are many types of business. Whichever you want to do you will have to take risk. There is no risk free business in this world. It will depend on you that how much risk you can handle.

Every business is risky, or it is not a business anymore. The possibility of making profit or loss is what makes a business tick. Therefore you should prepare your mind towards the inevitability of risks. If you fear to take a risk then you are afraid of making money.


There is actually a way to make about 5% month risk free trading forex.
It is very hard to develop and I have been working on this for years but it is real.
I am just withdrawing the profit I made this way today and I am going to invest $21k soon.

And you’ve just lost all credibility by saying such an idiotic thing - 5% a month risk free [c.80% compounded a year risk free]

That out performs all funds, professional investors and speculators - and they can’t seem to work this out with a team of statistic / scientific engineering graduates from word class universities.

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Thank you. I appreciate you evaluate me more than all funds, professional investors and speculators

c.80% a year risk free - listen to what your peddling :joy:

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You appear to know nothing and understand even less, but still want to “advise” people. .

It’s lucky for inexperienced members here that people like RISKonFX and Quickly draw to their attention the fact that you’re just filling the threads here with rubbish.

I’ve seen people like you in trading forums before: you cause great problems and nuisance and ill-will, and eventually they get rid of you.

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Dear @TacitaTrader
even though it might hurt your feelings everything I wrote is a fact.
Feel free to prove I was wrong. But please stick to the facts.

omg - Togr can you not see we are all laughing?

Just stop talking for your own sake.

Dear @RISKonFX
I dont care a bit that you are laughing, at the end I am the one who makes profit so I will be laughing.
In anyway, guys, there is a new shark in your little pond here.
So get used to it.
When you wrote I know nothing, etc it will not become true just because you would love to.
I know I caught you with not knowing basic terms like free margin.
You could have admit that and learn something.
Instead you choose to fight me.
Well you will never improve this way… When you dont admit you made a mistake

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Stop talking gibberish.
I have never wrote I can make 80% a year. That is something you wrote.

So you don’t know maths, either? You’re getting better!

What is 5% a month risk free over a year?

Yes, it’s 79.58% with compounding - would you like me to show you how to calculate this?

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I have never said you can compound the profit.
The method has its own limitations but it works. I have tested it on real account.

Hello, jeffcabigao! You are right, in my opinion, without risk, you don’t drink champagne. In all trading activities, you need to evaluate the risks you are taking every day.

Its interesting that this thread got side-tracked over the 5% profit per month target.

I actually believe it should be 6% per month and I am sure some traders are already doing this, and that I am going to do this consistently in the near future.

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In forex trading, traders should have a positive attitude and be willing to take risks if they want to be successful in Forex trading.

to be a successful TRADER from this trading place is not a minor deal , need a very long time experience with a reliable support from a credible trading broker.

Risk is misunderstood in forex trading.

One risk is that your strategy does not work. The tactic to avoid this is simple - find and stick to a consistently profitable strategy. If you don’t have this, stop trading.

There is a risk your strategy will stop working. In that case, go back to the paragraph above.

Its often said there is a risk attached to each trade that it will make a loss. Well, so what? A percentage of trades will be losers no matter how good your strategy. This isn’t a risk, its a certainty, like your electricity bill needing payment. These losses are just another overhead for your business.

There is finally the very real risk that something you could not foresee will happen and seriously damage your account. Same as in any business. Any business can be hit by a fire or ill health or competition or a change in the legal structure or fraud. Be alert: don’t be financially over-exposed in one area.


i have seen in spite of having most powerful analyzing risk maangement the result of trading can be useless , because there is nothing 100% in Forex trading.

risk is everywhere even in real life , you just have to know how to enjoy the risk , but of course it should be a calculative risk.

You point about taking losses is on the money. It will happen. This is down to variance and not one’s strategy, you simply cant win them all. Therefore the “risk” within this is poor money management in order that these losses can be swallowed.