Risk management swing trading

Has anyone here just traded based on the H4 minimum with the D1 and W1 trend and is profitable? Basicly swing trading with extreme solid risk management rules. If so, what is your thought process like?

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risk management is really important in this trading place , otherwise no way to survive in this place after having good knowledge and experience.

what you think guys ? there is any different between money and risk management ? any major difference between two ?

Money management and risk management are two important concepts in Forex trading. While they are related, they are different in certain ways.

Money management refers to the process of managing the capital you have allocated for trading. This involves setting a trading plan with guidelines for how much money you are willing to risk on each trade and managing your account balance to ensure you stay within those limits. The goal of money management is to preserve your trading capital and grow it over time.

Risk management, on the other hand, is the process of identifying, assessing, and controlling risks in Forex trading. This involves setting stop loss levels to limit potential losses, managing your trade size to control the amount of risk you take on, and diversifying your trades to reduce the overall risk in your portfolio. The goal of risk management is to minimize the potential for loss and maintain a level of safety in your trading.

In summary, money management focuses on managing your trading capital, while risk management focuses on minimizing potential losses and maintaining a level of safety in your trading. Both are important aspects of successful Forex trading and should be integrated into a comprehensive trading plan.

there is a difference between money and risk management. As @Mondeoman said,

Risk management is more related to factors that directly or indirectly affect exchange rates. You can find out more about this topic online by searching for “systematic and unsystematic risk”. From myself I can also add technical risk, this is the risk associated with the use of technology in trading.

this is really a fine reply from all , got so many fine informative lines , thanks for that