Risk to reward ratio

Hey pals, Can i use a 1:1 risk to reward and be profitable in trading? opinions please…

That depends on a number of factors. In theory, your win rate should be higher with 1:1 as long as you’re following your strategy consistently for each trade.

However, to be profitable you will need better than a 50% win rate, whereas you can be profitable with a significantly lower win rate using a 1:2 or 1:3 R:R.

I wouldn’t get too hung up on R:R though because it’s mostly beyond our control, so you just take what you can get.


Thanks for your idea, so you don’t rely on the risk to reward stuff yeah??

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Risk to Reward is the biggest load of BS

You must certainly define your risk but unless you have a crystal ball you can’t define your reward. We must let winners run, preferably adding to winners.

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Thanks for ur idea…

How do you know when to take profit? :open_mouth:

Hey, what risk/reward do you use on trades?

I use MAs, a bit like MACD.
The 8EMA converging into the 20SMA and when the 8EMA is crossed by the candle can be a good time to close . I only day trade trends but this would work on any timeframe. You could use MACD histogram or Keltner Channel.
The 8EMA is a very strong dynamic s/r in trending markets
I stay well clear of ranging markets, but having said that, a range on a higher timeframe can produce micro trends on a lower timeframe e.g. 5min range sometimes little trends on 1min.

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It’s more important to find a price movement area where you can place your T/P. Support and resistance zone is a favourite of mine. I always place it at a price point before where losing traders would close their trades or get stopped out. Aim to place a S/L where there is breathing space in case of a small retracement price action move before the trade (hopefully) continues the trend towards your T/P.

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Yeah this one I use. Ok ok makes sense now. Better to use MAs than set R:R which doesn’t go by anything except something you arbitrarily set.

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Yeah the Keltner Channel is good but a lot of traders only use it for range trading. I take it that you use it like I do, as a momentum indicator for trend strength, when candles are outside of the channel.
I know you use higher timeframes, so perhaps you have fiddled with the setting?
I only trade 5mins and 1min with a setting of 20 and a multiplier of 1, do you use a different setting on higher timeframes?

I use 20/2! Although yes, I do use it only for range trading :grimacing:

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Wow - range trading, too hard for me! If the 5min candles are in the Keltner Channel I go back to bed :zzz: :sunglasses:

Can’t keep up with you Mr Adrenaline Junkie!