Robot vs Manual

Sometimes reading topics in this forum, I don’t understand some posts related to trading robots.

Those of you who trade with a system, what do you think is the difference between a trading robot and manual trading?

Why do you think it is not possible to be profitable with a trading robot? And why it is possible with your manual system?

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In a few years time, we’ll all become victims of robots…

Contrary to popular belief that bots are just an automated version of manual trading strategy, it’s correct but not entirely right. There are many manual strategies that can not be automated and there are many automated trading systems that can not be done manually (e.g. Arbitrage, etc.). It is also a misconception that running a bot eliminates the psychological aspect of trading. At some points, it affects the traders psychologically when traders monitors the performance of the bot and at some point intervene the execution like closing open trades due to doubts and other emotions.

Opinions of traders about profitability, automated or manual, depend on their length of experience and depend on what they have experienced. IMHO, a bot can be profitable consistently. That is based on my experience.

Some example of manual trading system that cannot be autoamted?

Taking into account real world events. What if a whole country suddenly vanished. The bot would not take that into account.

Perfectly automatable.

If that’s your system can be automated. No worries

For example, how many systems wuold anyone need to properly diversify among strategies? Would it be possible to trade all of them manually?

It is a trader’s choice to either choose automated trading or manual trading. Frankly, I don’t think that any of them is better than the other. When you are trading using a robot, you can make use of even the smallest market changes. But when you trade manually, you get to make your own trading decisions.

Thanks for your answer.

My point here is that every manual system can be an automated system. That I can’t see why, as many demanded, a manual system works and, instead, an automated system doesn’t.

It’s just a matter of being automated. The system is the same.