Roll overs

I have been trying to find out the roll over rates, but I cannot find them on any of my demo accounts. Can anyone tell me where to go to get this simple info?

just check out this website it will calculate the intrest rate for you.


Which broker are you using?

Most forex platforms have Buy Premium % and Sell Premium % columns somewhere beside the bid and ask prices for a currency pair.

These percentages are the rollover rates for that pair.

Thanks for the website gergesa, unforunatly I have a demo account at oanda. I am not too impressed with them. I do like the micro account but I think that figuring out the roll over rates on thier platform is vary confusing. I just want togo to a site and see a list that says EUR/USD buy 2.0% sell -3.5%. That would be easy and fast to figure out.

Colon can you list some of the platforms that you are talking about?

Thanks Guys all help is apperatied