Rrram² Fx Fitness Journal

none of you are stuck with anything, anyone can get 100:1 and up to 400:1 without much effort.

best not to use any leverage at all, if you have no confidence in your trades (trading).

Yeah if you can list some reliable brokers that cater to U. S clients by all means. I tried ICmarkets and had to fill out a QEP and I’m still waiting for a reply back.

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https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/423240697068519426/518842441089155083/eal1.jpg :smiley:

close but not exactly,. I only like to trade one way, hedging gives back too much and is too much work. I porefer to only trade +swap, and simply fade the extreme topsand bottoms , and then I bottom and top feed, then I play supply off deamnd and V:V and accumulate contratrend, and I close orders in three ranges st mt and lt, and prefer to put tpts at opposing liquiidity on the same tf chart.

Here is the thread for that discussion. Check out the info on brokers, especially those considered as trusted, at the top, then you can advance toward the newer posts for up to date info & status reports & discussion.

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Is this what can happen when it doesn’t go to plan? Losses just get bigger and bigger until you just can’t sustain it anymore and it’s good night.

How has your strategy changed since you blew that demo account.


That’s literally not even a month though. That’s super aggressive trading with no respect for risk sentiment clearly being displayed here. Shit like that scares the crap out of me.

Yeah that was the whole point of the other thread about being able to take a little loss - everyone takes a loss in life, if it means being able to move forward.

If that was a real account and you were expecting to put food on the table with that account, there is no chance.

Every month you’d tell yourself its gonna come back and it just keeps moving further and further away from you.

This is where you cross over from trading to gambling.


This is true you’re not trading anymore it’s gambling for certain. Yeah we all have to take a lost, the problem is some of us can’t take it on the chin and just accept it. You’ll eventually lose and that’s ok, it’s all about getting right back up and being able to make it back.

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REALLY? FLAT AGAIN https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/514266237027614725/519442409822748710/w00p12.jpg THIS ACCOUNT WILL GET FLAT AGAIN TOO :slight_smile:

all trading is gambling! stop lying to the kids!

Minimizing risk through smaller lot size, setting pending buy and stop orders heading into s/d zones and actively managing draw down seems to be a trading plan that is working for @rrram2.

Is this what you call working. What happened to the Inner circle trader? (ICT)

Blowing account after account. Good thing they all demos.

who was ICT? Is he still around?

I believe ICT was an acronym for “I Can’t Trade” - hence the take a trade and hope approach, also classically coined as the pray for pips strategy.

He is still around, blowing demo after demo account.

Jafooly, not sure of the correlation you are making. Are you saying Micheal Huddleston and @rrram the same person or @rrram is following the ICT system?

It is my understanding neither of those are the case and was hoping you could spell out what the specific connection is you are making?


Making sometime loss on FX market is not some sort of huge deal. I could even say that it is quite normal. This is why I prefer to involve some risk management into my trades, i.e. I never put all my money on one deal. Diversify and limit loss. Also, stop loss limits are always useful

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open an account with Traders Way, they take US clients. I have been with them 5 years and have not had any issues.

he is still around on twitter, its alot easier to tickle trolls there.