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Nice, the proof is in the pudding!

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THIS is really been my favorite/best live account, I scheduled a withdrawl after I got the DD down some more.

I have 5 live accounts, and all of them are long AUDCHF and have been long AUDCHF :smiley: and all of them are STILL long AUDCHF, AUDCHF long anywhere, control risk, hold long time, and thank me April 1st if you are still in your AUDCHF longs, look at the monthly and weekly, and look at the real overall forever range, this is the BLOODY bottom, dont get short down here, BUY< HOLD< BUY MORE<HOLD MORE< wait 9-13 weeks then reasses position +swap, carry! ON!

Bacon Sandwiches for everyone! :smiley:

Congrats. The net equity of your account is now at an astonishing dizzy height of $400.

I’m not replying back to any more of your posts - which just consist of useless demo account screenshots, no value added content/input and childish comments.

I’ve pointed out the importance of NET EQUITY in the past.

Anyway, nothing more to add here and there never will be either.

my cats only like sweet potatoe french fries, and of course they enjoy dog!

kindly post the links to any and all complaints, I still see none. Unregulated? so?

they are still operating as a broker, at least they were Friday, 2 days ago.

finally took that first $500 withdrawl, DD a meager $122.22 banked profits $1500+

its a live account, you cant take with drawls on demo accounts :joy:

it went to what 1.36 something before it was done topside?

I thought Clint had that completely perfectly covered this!??

Many thanks to Clint for all he does, not sure how he does it! that guy is an amazing resource!

broken link?

Stephen System by rrram2 | Myfxbook this link? or?

so link isnt broken, and yes I still have some orders in oil DD, no worries, still trading and adding banked profits everyday, no worries at all. life is great! :smiley:

I found the hidden link for that account! its amazing what a little searching will do for you!


looks like he is still going! :thinking:

There was just some bitter and twisted (now banned) ex-members above in this thread that were of the opinion if they couldn’t make a particular strategy profitable… then, no one could…

@rrram2 showed some very good strategies while he was here…


I do something very similar, because its obvious the online world is full of ratchet jaws, that always have their mouths moving, but not a live trade do they make.


its some kind of a smackdown…

Stephen System by rrram2 | Myfxbook never a losing month, I don’t get it, how this is done, except that it has to be a little more than, just not using a stop loss order! total DD appears to be less than 20% and there is nearly $300 in accumulated swaps! if anyone can explain a little more how this is done , I am all ears!

@ForexFitness, have you read the whole thread? I believe the overall strategy is described in the few beginning posts. There are also clarifications along the way for members who had questions.

From what I understand it’s based small lots - .01 - on seeking positive swap pairs at S/R and laying small orders in the direction - grid - of the trend and not staying in the trades for big pips. I believe he would TP around 10 pips and “ratchet” or leap frog his way up the trend. Given this, the pool of pairs to use is almost self selecting.

I think that this is an excellent example of how individuals can be successful despite all the nay-sayers of their strategy. If it works for the trader… it works.



Unfortunatley as of today, this account has been wiped out completely, a loss of 99.5% : Stephen System by rrram2 | Myfxbook

He had big positions long AUDJPY and especially short EURAUD, which wiped this account out. Both these were positions were against the long term trends, which follows the old adage, the trend is your friend. There were also no stop losses set.

I truly believe that it is very important for a trader to maintain a trading journal to keep track of their trades. It helps in keeping the progress of your goals that you have already set in your trading plan. It also clarifies your weaknesses and strengths in your ability to perform when you are under pressure.