Ryan Jones

So what’s the deal with this Ryan Jones character? Does anyone have any insight?


Eh man, I know a bit about him. He’s an options trader who emphasizes on Money Management. He wrote a few books and many articles on it. I used to get e-mail from him on insight but he stopped. He does seminars and he made a couple automated systems, but I prefer not to buy those things no matter who their from. From what he has wrote he seems very knowledgable. Hope this helps a bit anyway.

Have a good one eh!

Hey, Shadow, weren’t you following that Avi guy for a while too?

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hahaha, toptick I see ur back 2 ur old antics!:smiley: And no, I wasn’t!:stuck_out_tongue: What I do tho, is whenever there is someone who is insightful for forex I like to get e-mails from them, but they “don’t make em’ like they used to”! Not only is it hard to find someone, but if you do they will only promote a product rather then give you weekly tips or what not. The dirty beggers!:smiley: Some guy actually hunted forex people down on the net, got their e-mails and started to send them information.(me being one of them) Anyways I wrote him an e-mail asking about some information, and then he stopped communication! Oh well, I’m not one for gurus anyway. I may have gone on a bit of a tangent so if ur reading this get something (if u can) from this jibberish.

Anyways best to all and have a good one eh!