SafeForexRobot com


We created an Expert Advisor many years ago to ourselves. This is a very profitable one and a month ago we decided to share it with others. We don’t want to sell this, so we searched for a good way to share it with others.
On safeforexrobot com, you can join a copy trading/investment service that is very safe and the broker’s service also worked well during the test.
We launched the website and the new Master account on 2020.06.26. We will share the daily statistics on the website and you can see an FXBlue profit chart on the site too to see the actual result.
Ask your questions here or on the website and join the copy trading service from only $50 account balance.

The stats of the first day:

DAY002 - AT profit: 6.29%
Read more on the website!

Profit: $20.36
Profit % on DAY 003: 2.04%

Profit % on DAY 004: 2.52%
Profit % from the beginning: 10.84%

More info on the website.

Profit % in 5 days: 11.69%