Sakuragi's Demo to Live journal

just stay focus and trade with strict discipline , thats all i can say

both Loss on my trades

Few tips, your SL is way too big so your RR could be improved, you really want to hold all the way down there and still want to be long? Also if you look on minimum the hourly you were selling into weakness, if anything that was a short and that would have nailed you the top of the move where price went down for a full 24hours to secure something.

If you are going to trade technical breakouts you will need much more to increase your success rates, especially on the lower time frames like m15 and m30.

Again same thing, you are selling into bullish strength, it was a buy signal and nailed you the bottom of this move. Are you starting to see what you need to add? I hope you are starting to see the pattern of your errors to enter. At best it’s going to go too much in win and losing streaks. No real edge. And you need that edge. Breakouts are not an edge and need much much more to be consistently profitable. These areas are high priority targets for Smart-Money to hit stops and trap traders.

Thanks foe the info, looking forward into that.

no trades for today as im back to work and was pretty busy

like from what others say, we have to seriously focus on our trades and treat it as a business rather than just
a hobby,
trading forex is not an easy rich quick scheme we always saw in you tube.
there are Gurus / or mentors out there selling there online course but would not show their trading history on FX book at all. so be carefull,
like what the others say, those selling course or programs are making money out of the course but not from trading at all.

There are lot of free contents on the internet and youtube to learn from
Babypips is one of them…

the most important thing here is learning on how you trade and your emotions when you are trading.
thats one of the biggest factor or problem i had when i was day trading stocks.

try in demo account first if you could make money before going live. and treat it as a real money.

anyway, ill probably try to trade again next week when im off from work.
I dont wanna trade on friday

i have nothing to write for now in my journal. for now,
we will see the daily candle if i can find a trade set up.
good day everyone


Traded it before i went to work as it rings on my alarm for the proper set up

TP = 1R only just to bring our mind on positive side :slight_smile: and feeling good for the weekend

closed the other trade

CADJPY short

when the pin bar came out and it goes thru the 200EMA

im so tired now, i cant look anymore on the screen, :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

goodnight everyone

good morning, off now from work,
so maybe we could find a good set up later :slight_smile:

sorry cant find my trading set up till now and pretty busy with the plant shutdown .
so all i do is sleep and work right now.

break of daily trendline
TP is 1.2R first

short CAD JPY after the break of 200EMA

and soon to touch the channel

Loss on the CAD JPY
as it just retest the 200EMA and went straight to the moon :slight_smile:
that was a pretty strong move to the upside

im trying to do a different strategy right now, but i still need to back test it and practice more
ill let you guys know when i have a good RR results on it


out for a TP = 1R

sorry guys pretty busy from work
im thinking of EUR JPY
Long when MACD do a cross over on 15 min time frame

at the 1 hr time frame is crosses the MACD zero line already

the TRade went into the MOon :))

nice trade TP = 3R

very simple strategy done on this, no need to complicate things

the strategy was to follow the MACD on 1 hr time frame ( higher time frame)
and still the MACD on 15 min was still above Zero line
and there was a Higher high set up on 1 hr time frame ( looks like curling already)
hope you get this guys

been gone for a long time, was having problem with my PC
anyway, back on short trade again