Salutations Bruddahs

I am a new to forex. I look forward to learning and being able to trade as a side hustle. That is my ultimate goal and I come from a good amount of stock fundamentals and understanding so I hope that will help me. I’m still in highschool, so not sure whether to wait till im 18 to get into an American Brokerage account with SSN or go undocumented international brokerage, any tips would be great. As a noob I’m excited to start learning!

Hello and welcome! I also trade as a sort of side hustle and it’s definitely a worthy way to make some extra cash and can help you out indefinitely. My advice would be to spend the rest of the time until you turn 18 on a demo account gaining practice and testing your strategy. This can help you avoid loses and you should be well-prepared by the time you turn 18.
Good luck!