SamuelAndCoTrading Samuel Leach Scam? (REVIEW)

Didn’t you work at Samuel & Co Supramann? See this is where some of my confusion lies, my interview was for a Junior Trader Position, which said there was a minimum of 18K a year. That wasn’t the case when I arrived for the interview, it was however a remote trader position. I could work in the office if I was to give heads up of wanting the office space.

I’m assuming you went through their training? And their Strategy? and Mindset coaching?

How did you find these? Were they helpful in anyway?

Yes I did. I was a Junior Remote Trader. There was no interview. I wasn’t even given a contract until I specifically asked if such thing exists.

I also got a CPD certificate. I have no idea if that has any value, it’s like a random PDF document where anyone can write whatever they want. I could literally replace the title “International Junior Trader Programme – Technical Analysis” in it with “Advanced aeronautical engineering” and claim I’ve gone through such training.

A minimum of 18k a year is a complete lie. That requires a 72% gain, considering you will also give away 50%, you need to turn 25k in to 61K, which is 144% gain per year. Very unrealistic.

I went through the training. It definitely has improved my trading, but I can’t really compare it to anything as this is the only training I’ve ever had in trading. The mindset part could definitely be improved, it was just the very basics. Reading “Chimp Paradox” or any other such book would be a lot more useful.

As you will get 3 courses in the JT programme, another thing I didnt like is that some of the “Advanced Forex & Stock Trading Programme” videos are just copied over from the “Beginners Forex & Stock Trading Programme”. The difference is that the videos in the advanced course are newer. The info in them is the same.

The strategies… I’ve commented about it earlier.
If these forex strategies were used in the way they are presented in the Junior Trader Programme videos, they will absolutely not work, anyone that owns JTP courses can test this out on historical data. To me these strategies seem to be just a basic foundation, like with any other strategy on the internet. There is countless hours of work needed to make them profitable, but at that point you will already have built a whole new strategy for yourself - a one that actually works.

I wonder why almost all of the senior S&C traders have created a babypips forum account on the exact same date, and then started answering mostly to their own comments on a few forum topics between each other. S&C ads? :joy:


So as I mentioned before that I would update once i’ve been through this training. So here it is.

Everyone has their own opinon for starters, and from my point of view, this is a company that trys to excel your knowledge of the market. I would like to know of any other company that provides the amount of imforamtion I have gained from these at Samuel & Co for as little as it’s cost me. The amount of questions I have asked and the answers I have gotten is outstanding. Sam even said himself, he wants traders to make money for him, but then he is also got a company that gives you that opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge (It’s a WIN WIN). The company has many individuals that are all willing to help you and guide you (if your not a complete w****r) but even then, they will still help.

All I would say is, is gather some knowledge before you attend the JTP, then this course will help put a lot in to perspective.

As I’m not a very academic individual (as you can proably tell from my spelling and grammer) and had to learn this indusrty from a dummies perspective, Samuel & Co trading will help those individuals that have ambition but don’t meet them required GCSE’s.

Thank you. All it is, is a foot in the door to what you want to achieve. The company doesn’t want you to stick around, it wants you to make money for yourself and trade on your own.

I will now present to all of you my latest discovery on their Cluster algorithm. Samuel just rips us off of 125$ per every single purchase for something he paid less than 50$ once. He didn’t make Cluster, he only had a few tiny details added to a FREE algorithm. I could literally take the Turbo JRSX and let someone add the exact same things to it and get my cluster for half price and without it being locked on to only 1 account. I wonder where he got all the other algorithms from?


What’s more, he charges to have the account updated that it will run on.

Nothing but a con artist.

Thank you so much for the information, I have been trading quite a while and Samuel and Co called me for a interview next Monday, a narrow escape thanks to you

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Another way to have Cluster experience for free is to go to and use Stochastic RSI indicator with these settings: K=3 D=3 RSI length=6 Stochastic length=250. It is not 100% the same but if you only pay attention to the areas beyond 30:70, it is super close to it, about ~90% accurate.

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I already passed the interview and tomorrow i’ve set to make a payment of 495$ admin in order to be a Trader ,so you guys saved my life really,and my money as well i dont know what this world is transformed to.

Everyone passes the interview. As if they needed to make a hard choice on whether the person is right for the company. Actually they don’t care about your skills or background at all.

Another thing to consider besides the admin cost and monthly fees is what pays for your living during the time you start out? Some people might trade for a whole year without getting consistently profitable. They have no base salary - instead you are paying them to trade. Then they tell to this trader, who has daily living expenses and liabilities, to “not focus on the money”.

Change a few colors… add some dots during correct EMA trend… add a 125$ price tag… make it usable on 1 account only…
I guess we might just forget using Cluster at this point. Cluster = Stochastic

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Was trying to replicate this Supramann but was having difficulty on TradingView.

After researching SL’s Cluster, i also came across the request for Turbo JSX to be modified and renamed. Is the Stochastic Oscillator something you have made personally?

It’s better to replicate Cluster on MT4 or MT5 since they have a wider choice of input parameters for Stochastics and I believe for all indicators in general. Also Tradingview and the MT4/5 brokers have different market data (in case your trade account is on MT). So always have it where your source of market data is.

For Tradingview Cluster just go to built-in indicators and choose “Stochastic”, then change the parameters to:
Smooth 6

Reminder: On the oversold/overbought areas(<30 ; >70) you need to have the EMA trend in the same direction. Cluster entry signal = closed turning point candle


hey is it possible you share with me the MT4 code? I don’t really want to go onto TradingView everytime to look at it

I’d like to see this on MT4 too!

The only thing I’ve found is this Brain Trend’s 2 Sig Alert -


I’m a newbie and therefore when I saw Samuel Leach’s forex series I was intrigued. I enjoyed the series.

Like most new traders I am looking for someone to help get me set up with a reliable set-up. I was therefore interested having watched the Real Forex Trader that they seemed to follow a system that yielded consistent results.

I know from this forum thread that the pivot indicator is MT4 pivots and the cluster algorithm is a JRSX indicator. I then learned from this thread that SL apparently uses the capital from Blufx, charging a fee from junior traders that pays for Leach to set up a trader on a new Blufx account. I imagine they get a nice deal from Blufx for referring so many people and as the trading fee is £200, this is effectively a free £100 pcm for each person enrolled. It’s a clever business model, if ethically questionable.

Where I am slightly confused is that SL promotes following the trend but the cluster indicator is for reversals. Can anyone recommend a trading course that is not a scam and that will help me learn how to be a good intraday trader? I hoped SL was the answer, but it seems they have an angle like almost everyone else. I remain hopeful something good is out there!


You could try Dark Horse Fx, Technical Fx, Falcon Fx or Guerella Fx. They all try to help get traders to a level to get funded.

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He said to follow the trend. While Cluster is a reversals indicator, it only shows reversal in the direction of the trend so essentially, you are following the trend.

What profitability percentage would you give the Cluster algorithm? Between 0% - 100%?

I got the Cluster Algorithm free online. Would you say it’s a profitable system or not?