Sandy Jadeja Seminars - EXPENSIVE SCAM

No problem, I am sure you will get a much better value and knowledge.:+1:

hi francescov
Marko Cvjeticanin’s Course is very valuable .

Last but no least, i thank you for YonatanDoron for sharings his valuable opinion. Becoz most of the people dont dare to share their failure, many of outside people after attended courses, but not make any profits/money, they tend to hide, they feel shame, I personal think that it is Okay to fail, becoz alike many entrepreneur outside, they are not overnight success, they all experience thousand of times failure, then only achieve their success of today. Also i appreciated this platform for us to look more clearly picture on those regardless it is Forex/ trading course, digital marketing course or any others.

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Almost everything has already been said, I can add one single point to the discussion, though.

I attended Sandy’s course 4 or 5 years ago. Got caught by an event called “Never Work Again” from Success Resources, which I find, is the core of the bad.

Sandy himself is a pleasant guy, but what he teaches is not even basic.
You don’t even learn how to open an account and what a margin account essentially is.
You don’t learn what to look at, when selecting a broker and so on.

You just get five (back in the days) strategies that all don’t work.

I thought, the most important point is to manage emotions, which definitely is, so I, as an IT guy said to myself, why not let the computer do the job.

As Sandy’s strategies were very simple they were easy to implement and I’m pretty sure, I’ve done it correctly.

Backtesting 10 years backwards with high quality tickdata all these strategies lost money.
Not with one big fail, as Sandy always takes care of a stop loss, but with a real constant backdraw.

So, if you want to make a million …
… start with two and trade with these strategies.


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He YonatanDoron ,

Thanks for sharing this … I am ever so grateful.

Every success

Hi @YonatanDoron

Thanks for sharing this. (After all my bla bla, there is an actual question for you at the end.)
Unfortunately I also attended Sandy’s Fast Profits seminar and I share your opinions. Very basic strategies (actually not even that, just a bunch of ideas on how to trade MA20 crossovers). He gave 2-3 ideas how to enter those trades and 3 different ways to exit them. No actual results were shown or what impact different combinations of his ideas have on trading success. Only thing he shows is that one trade a year when the market moves 30% (thanks to corona this year). He does not tell you that most of those MA crossover strategies have a success rate around 30%. With his Money Management strategy of “never risk more than 5% of your account” (quite high for a beginner) your account balance goes down rather quickly.
The return he is making you believe are possible, don’t make sense though. I backtested one of the possible combinations of his strategy (over the period of the last 20 years) and it was slightly better than just holding the asset. So it’s not a complete loss. But far away from his house in Spain stories …
As far as I remember, he did not share his actual results ever (and whether they are actually exceeding his income from selling his seminars …)
As in your case, his course somehow got me started and thinking. I now have developed a strategy (3-4 trades a week, maximum 1 trade per day) which promises around 10% profit per month which I’m quite happy with for a start. It’s backtested for a year (~55% success rate) and I’m trading it for a bit over a month now and I’m actually in profit right now.
Thank you so much for sharing your insights and opinion on this. It really helped me to put things in perspective.

You said you found a strategy which works for you with 80-90% success rate. Can you share what you are looking at? You don’t have to share the whole strategy, just a pointer would be nice. Then I have something to research (I’m still at the beginning of this whole journey and just want to explore what’s out there)

Thank you very much and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy traveling very soon again!

These Seminars are not worthy and he is doing this to earn a good amount of money only. People easily get scammed by his courses and waste their money as well as time. There are plenty of free online resources from where you can learn about trading. You can see the pivot points strategy on Babypips also. I would not recommend you to join any seminar by Sandy janeja.

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Sandy Jadeja on the free Finspreads seminars, which allows you to meet him and gives you a flavor of what is on his courses, as I did. Some of the courses run by the spread bet companies can be quite good and offer good value if they are free. Quite often the speaker is promoting his private coaching services for which he/she charges a fee, doesn’t sound much of a scam.

Most seminars and webinars are a waste of time. Only some have some new insights to share.

The OP hasn’t been scammed.
He’s overpaid for a very basic course and then, even though he says the

he then pays more for the next 2.

Most courses are of dubious value, although value is subjective, and with nothing to prevent anyone setting up as a teacher or guru fx is full of them.

Take time to learn the basics. There’s a school here and one on another forum I use, probably more elsewhere. No need to pay. Stop wasting money.

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Its disappointing that on an inherently capitalist website, many people make out they don’t distinguish between value and cost.

Paying for trading training is like paying for bottled water. Its a basic product. It contains no secret special ingredients. Someone else has done the work of collecting it, cleaning it up and packaging it. You get the whole package instantly as soon as you want it.

Bottled water isn’t cheap at any price. But it can be good value if you don’t have time or inclination to collect your own water.

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Thank you sir for your precious time.
I have attended his first seminar in Mumbai in feb-19. It’s not really value for money but it changes my trading forever and would like to share with.

Can I get your mail ID for further communication.

Thank you sir.

As per my knowledge, reason for “price reacts to those numbers” is option resistance. Usually, on round figures option buyers ane sellers are active which create resistance or support.

Thank you for sharing.

I find you share the courses that you have taken and are very effective. can you share it with me . What is ICT? I also studied a lot of SANDY’s courses and it cost me a lot of money. [Removed for Forums policy violation] Thank you so much !

You can try free webinars advertising every now and then.

The Metatrader built-in indicator named BRAIN and hardwares HAND and EYES with clear chart makes you profitable. That’s all.
Indicator from other factories except BRAIN will make your pocket empty.

Yes I agree…

He has multiple Telegram groups, there are over 700+ paid subscribers…

Sandy makes money off the platforms, both Corespreads and Trade Nation… He shares your details so it matches up with their database and he get paid…

What a con artist!!!

I just attended a beginners trading program by Sandy Jadeja which was sponsored by Success Resources, so I wanted to add my feedback to this thread.

I’ve done plenty of trainings with top class coaches in various fields (Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, etc) and I can honestly say that Sandy Jadeja’s was by far the worst course I ever attended.

Sandy may be knowledgeable about trading, but his personality and teaching skills suck! I never met anybody so rude, arrogant and unpleasant. He’s full of himself and paranoid about others stealing “his” knowledge.

The amount of time he wasted warning us about people trying to impersonate him and forbidding any recording, and telling people off for not adding their real name and picture on Telegram (while he’s the one not wanting to be seen on screen) was just ridiculous!

He told us to download Telegram, because that’s the only place where we said he would interact with us (he’s not an any social media nor he has web presence, but I’ll get to that later!). So I thought he would actually answer questions on Telegram, since he doesn’t answer ANY during the live webinar.

But no, he doesn’t answer questions during the training, nor on Telegram, because either “You are not ready for this” or “This is not in this course”.

But what I found appalling about his course, is the constant belittling and insulting of clients.

Belittling people, telling people off and putting people down is not what teachers do: that’s what bullies do.

From “This is a very sad group of people” to “This group is the worst, worse than the previous one” to “Some people will never get anywhere in life” or “I’m not pleased with you guys” “Oh, you guys are waking up?” this is the level of his coaching skills. Appalling!

Then, expecting clients he insulted for weeks to purchase his more expensive program shows zero understanding of basic social and selling skills.

I remember seeing lots of bad comments on the free webinar chat weeks ago, and now I understand why he makes the chat unreadable to everyone during his own course and why he’s not on social media: clients’ feedback would kill his reputation.

In the midst of his paranoia he also added he has fake Telegram accounts so he can “monitor” the scammers in the group. That explains the few “unrealistic praising comments”! LOL

Granted, there were some individuals who perhaps didn’t have the right mind for trading, but if he was teaching in a school he would get sued for bullying people like that. A teacher who puts other down and doesn’t want to share his knowledge is NOT a teacher.

The stuff he “taught” us can be found anywhere on the web for free: terminology, how to place an order, how to place a trade, what it means to buy and sell, where to click.

He made us look at charts without explaining anything about the studies, which made the course pretty useless, as placing a trade without knowing when to get in/out is nothing more than gambling.

The whole course was a drag, half of each lesson was wasted summarizing the previous one. No questions answered. By far the most disappointing course I’ve ever taken.

Hello, I totally agree. I have traded almost 500 real orders, to win myself. Sandy just tauch us strategies, he doesn’t teach trading and emotional management. I’m sure his students lose money after the course (95% loss).