Scalping and Hedging

Hello everyone, as you guys can see I’m a newbie and i have a few questions on scalping and hedging.

First of, does allow scalping and is scalping one of the best ways to make profits with little risks???

Secondly,once again, does allow hedging? I have been using forex for 3 weeks now and I don’t see any information on these two types of trading. Maybe, they dont support these type of trading.

What are some strategies on scalping and hedging that a newbie should know before getting into and getting their feet wet.

Thanks in advance.

Hi ,

no you can’ should open another you tell me what is scalping please.

I believe scalping involves a lot of trades in a day, trying to get small profits from each trade by taking advantage of the bid/ask spread.

One benefit that scalping has is the risk is much lower than traditional trading methods.

You can also lose all hard earned profits in a single trade. So we need to be careful when dealing with scalping because there is NO PERFECT STRATEGY.

Scalping has nothing to do with the bid/ask spread. Unless you’re a market maker (read forex broker/dealer) the spread always works against you.

One benefit that scalping has is the risk is much lower than traditional trading methods.

I would dispute that claim. Just because you’re in and out more quickly with scalping it doesn’t mean less risk. It just means fewer pips at risk (generally). If you trade too big you still have a lot of risk.

Hey Traders

I think scalping is just another stressfull day job, I have tried it and it does not work for me , I dont feel like looking at a screen all day , stressed,The aim of this Forex Game is to avoid as much stress as possible.

Then again it all depends on your personality. A trader holding a trade for 6 months can make just as much as a scalper that holds a position for 6 seconds and visa versa.

Also the shorter the time frame you trade the more inaccurate your indicators become. I like to free my time so I trade daily charts only looking at charts for 2 hours a day.

If you are unsure of which style to run with, my signature below may help.

Successful Trading… does not allow hedge trading. i dont know why anyone would want to hedge anyway, its pointless, scale in and try to get out at break even, or take a small loss, and learn from it.

i asked one of the support people if you can scalp with them, and he said yes. it might be harder to scalp if you use their fixed spreads (3pip EURO, 4pip JPY, 5pip GBP) the fractional pricing would probably be better.

Hello trader thanks for the reply, as you can see, im still learning and any feedback from anyone would be great.

So the risk is the same, just we’re in for a fraction of the time, i get it thanks.

hello hobbitt, hows everything? So, there is money to be made with hedging?? Is there any advice from hedge trading?

and which broker always that??