Scalping strategy to finish the year strong

I crunch numbers. I am all about the numbers.

Let’s keep this thing on a professional level.

You’re all about trolling, pal. And that’s ok, but you don’t have to do it here.

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I’m just trying to figure out when the trades get opened. There isn’t one single mention of a trade being opened in this thread, only trades being closed are being talked about.

If that’s trolling to you, that’s fine with me.

But hey, let’s keep this on a professional level.

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You may feel free to exit this thread at anytime. The rules are not that we have to prove anything to you. You e expressed your distrust for MAs and MA based strategies which this is one. Not sure why you’re still lurking around something you’re so very much against, buddy.

Nobody is selling anything, or using other people’s money, so the first and the second Madoff reference were irrelevant.

You’ve offered nothing constructive, only mocking posts, asking for proof of things nobody is required to provide to you. Yet you still stay, I think just to be nasty. And it’s your right to stay, as you’ve said, it is public…the only thing we can do is ignore your posts which I will do from here forward. Have fun coming into a place you don’t agree with or appreciate, and screaming into the ether.


I do not see anywhere in this entire thread where someone has come in and said “I am going short/long on the Euro at x price”.

I do see many places where someone says that they CLOSED a trade, but it is a well-known fact in trading that this is a clear sign that fake trades are being posted.

Can you show me anywhere in this entire thread where a trade has been opened?

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I downloaded the indicators on the Forex Factory forum for their work on the King of Forex strategy. ( M1 Countertrend Scalping Strategy pg 217) Don’t know anything about those indicators or how effective they are yet.

Here is what your chart will look like with those indicators applied:

or this, if you apply the Heiken Ashi

These arrows look like they could be used as a good exit strategy for the channel strategy.

Arrows_Signal (1).ex4 (2.6 KB)

So hey Mr American trader, when’s the next trade opening up I’m really anxious to see you work.


:face_with_monocle: It seems you have removed your comment about meta trader and windows system. I was quite intrigued by the possibility. Anyway, did you know that Meta Trader software company is located in CYPRUS?? :astonished: I never used MT4 or MT5 before and I don’t think I ever will. I am just going to stick with ‘Made in the good old USA’. :sweat_smile:


After giving it some consideration, I decided that it was maybe not appropriate to put that in this thread and so I moved it to the tech tools section.

I’m not sure what the significance is about Cyprus and meta trader… I did read some stuff some long time ago that Cyprus is a hotbed for forex scams but I’m just sort of talking out of my you know what right now I don’t really know what you’re getting at.

Either way I’m glad you liked my post and I realized that there is a checkbox it is located in your metatrader terminal under tools and options and let’s see expert advisors allow dll imports and guess what mine is checked so if I had a a nefarious EX4 in my computer it would be able to do this I think I may be right about this.

I wonder if there are people doing this right now using it to steal bitcoins from people or whatever?

It is possible that if this is a real thing and word gets out it could scare traders into not using metatrader which is sad because I love programming meta trader.

Cyprus along with the Seychelles, St Martin, Grenadines Vanuatu all have loosely regulated Financial institution laws… Hotbeds for scams, money laundering and here one day, gone the next CFD Market Brokers…

Yes, any Algorithm’s that are compiled (encrypted!), require Dll (Dynamic link library) access to your system can be a Trojan horse for all sorts of malicious logic, code and whatever else a hacker might have an interest in…

[Robot(TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.Full)]

[Indicator(IsOverlay = false, TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)]

I develop strategies for the Ctrader Platform (C#) which unfortunately is not available in the US (surprise!) and makes MT4/5 look like an old school relic…

But if you are using the MetaTrader Platform MT4/5… And trading via an unregulated Broker… That should be the least of your concerns… See Below…

Anyone using the Metatrader Product should watch this video…

The amount of YouTube video’s discussing this Plugin that have been removed over the past 7-8 years is frightening… Don’t believe me? Have a look at this thread over at Forex Factory

So many here have no idea what and who they are dealing with…


Thanks for the video link. Trends.

I consider trading as my self-employed business. My business needs to be safe and secure. So I am using a regulated broker. I worry that people using brokers out of third world locations are one day going to request a withdrawal only to find out their account no longer exists. After all, if they are willing to manipulate anything, they could be skimming funds from everyone’s accoutns.

Good job being cautious!

much though Trendswithbenefits and i have disagreed about one or two things in the past, his post just above is one of the most important, most relevant and potentially most helpful posts in the entire forum (if people are only willing to take it seriously and think and take some action about it, with regard to their own trading)

thanks, Trendswithbenefits

This is the only trading journal that I’ve ever seen where we don’t actually open trades but are still able to close them.

Translation: go figure

Good luck this week everyone

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Nice start.

Thanks JD

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Would you mind describing for us why that trade was entered according to that indicator and also could you tell us when that trade will be closed according to that indicator?

Thank you

Oh, here we go…:roll_eyes:

Trade was closed at TP.

The entry signal is described in the first post.

Again, nothing owed.

Now I really don’t get it and I’ve been programming for 40 years unlike the op so if I don’t get it it’s hard to get.