Scalping trade is it good?

Hi! Everyone may i ask more about traders who do the scalping trade and get small quick profits, is it good ?

i sweare on scalping - it definetely works and i make money with it The only problem is, that your positions should be large enough to make your money for the day with just a few scalping-trades. It also may happen, that markets have such a lack of volatility, that for an hour or more you have no chance to enter trades.

For a short time, scalping is a reasonable strategy, but keeping at it day in day out is tedious in the long term.

is good lol

Yes. It is good if you have proper knowledge and skills about this.

I scalp when I am sure that the market is volatile. It is a good strategy for the short term, but not recommendable for the long run.

scalping is really good , with very short time scalping brings profit . its really supportive for beginners . but sometimes it causes a great risk

yes it is very good strategy but it is only effective for the experienced.

Sorry to be deflective of the question but it’s too simplistic. Lots of trading strategies are good strategies. But it requires the trader weilding that strategy to be comfortable in the way it works as well as understand it. Scalping can be very good yes. Will it be for you? Test it and find out.

In general, the choice of a strategy depends on the trader himself, but I don’t really like this strategy. I find this strategy rather unsafe.

Scalping is very much an art form - a bit like tight-rope walking - it takes a lot of practice to get good at it.
Talking of volatility try the indices at London open and US open - make sure you have a safety net. You wouldn’t try tight rope walking the Grand Canyon without a lot of practice I hope :rofl: